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... Xray - I'm a recovering alcoholic and an opiate-addict. I have to argue against your point about the intensity of WDs. IMHO the withdrawals from opiates are ten times worse than alcohol DTs. I can remember going on a drinking binge and putting away a pint of vodka and by lunch the next day I was hurting badly. It was almost impossible to get work done. I was shaky. I felt like... (59 replies)
... Blue Julie, I survived the perils of alcohol D.T.'s. Comepared to that Vicoden WD's are a walk in the park. Not that they are fun, but I could do a week of Vicoden WD standing on my head easier than I could go though a day of the alcohol D.T's. There is no comparison with me. ... (59 replies)
... th someone else, so there is no chance of me scoring anything today. I usually hooked up with the main man on my lunch hour, by driving to his house. Day four, Vicoden free is a given. I didn't realize that you had just recently kicked the habit. I just figured you had been clean for a while. So we are in the same boat. ... (59 replies)

... is summer, with a guy who seemed to have an unlimited supply, for a very cheap price. Now my occasianal induldence has turned into a very bad habit. On my last Vicoden bender, I ate about 90 in a ten day period. My money and the supply just ran out, and now it's withdrawl time. I am on day three of the WD's. ... (59 replies)
Why Vicoden??
Mar 23, 2007
... Why does it seem like Vicoden has that extra "high" feeling as opposed to other narcotics? ... (7 replies)
... f the medication. Vicodin normally comes in 5, 7.5 or 10 mg dosage with acetaminophen of 325,500 or up to 750 mg. So you may have been getting 7.5 miligrams of vicoden with 750 mg of acetaminophen. ... (19 replies)
Vicoden addict
Jan 22, 2009
... I'm doing pretty good and have been off of the Vicoden for a few weeks now. Feeling pretty good. I'm feeling more hopeful. ... (0 replies)
... a sneaky guy even with my suppliers. I never wanted any of them to know about each other, even though some knew each other. I really didn't even want my fellow Vicoden users to know how bad my habit had become. ... (59 replies)
Vicoden Habit
May 4, 2005
... my entire adult life. I've used V's regularly for several years now. Unlike my alcohol addiction, which gave me just terrible physical withdrawl symptoms, the Vicoden does not. It seems to be a totally phsycological addiction. My main problem with giving up this addiction is the fact that it causes me so few problems. ... (1 replies)
... Hello, Sorry your going through withdrawls. I also went through them 2 years ago. What happened was I had chronic pelvic pain and was put on percocet, vicoden, and fianlly morphine for about 6 months. When my doctor finally did a laparoscopy said she found nothing (I recently had another lap. done by another doctor which showed sevral adhesions, pelvic congestion, and... (10 replies)
Mar 16, 2001
... Is anyone abusing or is addicted to vicoden? Are you in nyc or la? I need to talk to you. I am a tv news producer working on a story on vicoden. Call me at 1-800-969-9885 thanks, jaf (0 replies)
Vicoden detoxing
Mar 23, 2009
... what can i do to make my vicoden detoxing easier ? ... (4 replies)
Vicoden withdraw?
Dec 14, 2007
... y 2 being the worst. I'm so glad you guys were here to walk me through this. I'm taking tylenol for pain. I never want a painkiller again in my life. I've taking vicoden before, but for short periods due to injuries, never again. I never knew it was so dangerous. ... (35 replies)
Vicoden withdraw?
Dec 12, 2007
... Hello, i'm a newbie. I had my left kidney taken out 3 weeks ago. I've been eating 10-12 vics a day. I quit taking them 2 days ago. I can't sleep, i'm sick, got the runs and my body is severly craving more vics. The pain is not too bad anymore but I have this urge to call the doc for a refill. I know where this is headed. My question is, can you really have withdraw symptoms... (35 replies)
... Hi xrayman - Thanks for your concern, but you're misunderstanding my dosage. I'm not taking 30 or 40 pills a day, but rather 30 to 40 miligrams a day of vicoden. That equates to 4 pills at 10 mg of vicodin and 325 miligrams of acetaminophen. Yesterday, when I said I was down to 8mgs, I meant I was truly taking less than one pill. Actually, I took 8.75 mgs - a half of a 10... (19 replies)
... Froggirl, I love chatting with you. You are the first person on this board whom I can find humor with our habit. I know what your are saying with pooling your energy. Half of my thinking process all day long involved something to do with my habit. Will the guy be home? Will I be able to get the money without the wife knowing?(I am so jealous of all you people who can... (19 replies)
... yeah, I used to get that lovely little "oh, gooody" feeling when I saw the script pad come out, and also the righteous indignation if a doc only prescribed the required amount. I guess us addicts are really quite similar. they were called Vicoden 10's, and they were like the strongest dosage of vikes you could get (stronger than the 750's, don't ask me how that works), cause... (19 replies)
... I had a script (120 vicoden 10s/month), but by the end, that was not NEARLY enough. I had a (well-meaning) "friend" who then made it his life's work to get me all that he could get his hands on. with "friends" like that,... anyway, that was at the begining of the summer, and it was just a downward spiral from there. My tolerance shot through the roof, and then suddenly I... (19 replies)
... I loved your dynamite line. Very funny. I must admit for six of the last seven years I did have a very well regulated habit. Sometimes I would go months inbetween indulgences, due to lack of sources. Like you said, users who have scrips, usually don't want to part with many, but then again, some do. But like I said in my thread, this year, and this summer especially, I... (19 replies)
... morning,'s the short history on my addiction: 8 yr vicoden/lortab abuser who went through a very rapid detox using naltrexone on Saturday the 13th, (OMG, 11 days ago - yeah!) Anyway, is it usual that no matter how happy I am with being sober, and I feel like I am slowly getting my life back and stuff, going to NA - but the pills are never far from my mind. I... (19 replies)

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