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... and I don't think he knows about the weed and beer but it sounds like he needs to. ... (2 replies)
... Taper off Vicodin Tip, Before You Get Started!" see 1st post, this thread. ... (19 replies)
... Hello Jackbeanstalk, Beer presents both positive and negative effects on the digestive system. Certain organs can become inflamed over time,thus creating other than normal bodily functions. Respectfully Phoenix (2 replies)

... I am wondering if anyone has a problem in the morning with the very urgent need to get to the bathroom to defecate. Each morning is like that for me, I'm in process of eliminating the beer and another pill or 2 out of my life, just wondered if beer was the culprit (I take Adderall, Prozac, and Wellbutrin for ADHD and some Vicodin for nerve tumors in my feet). Thanks, JB (2 replies)
... I'm sorry for your family, this is a tough one. Mixing alcohol with any of those meds is a dangerous and it's by pure luck he isn't dead. Not only can he go to sleep and not wake back up because the mixture can make you stop breathing but the alcohol is a depressant so he's making himself more depressed which probably causes him to drink again to numb the pain. That is a... (2 replies)
... ...pot, and SSRI's? My brother (who went to Germany for 2 years in the Army) came back about 10 years ago and seemed to be different, distant and moody. After being checked out by the Dr.,s, he was diagnosed w./PTSS, ADD, and some chronic pain and Depression. They put him on Adderall 30mg.X3 a day, Prozac 10mg., Wellbutrin 300mg., Xanax 0.5X4 a day. The Pain Dr. put him on... (2 replies)
... doing it slowly. I agree that there is probably a relation to drinking and suboxone. I too am a social drinker and I have noticed that the few times I have drank beer while on sub I have a bad day the next day. I really hate the sweats this stuff gives you. Are you still getting the sweats now that your 16 days clean of sub? ... (3 replies)
... Battle you are almost out of the woods! Hang in there. You're gonna be in the "pink clouds" in a few days and it's a wonderful feeling of awakening. When I wake up in the morning it will be day 19.And boy you might truly be "awake" too. I hope you find a good natural sleeping pattern quickly. I was on a somewhat low dose too but did my damage in a short amount of time in the... (10 replies)
... I guess I can say I did my own little taper plan before I went CT. I was usually not using all day but when I got off of work I would immediately swallow two norcos with a can of beer. Ahhh. Then as the night went on I wiould dip in and take halves for a few hours usually until I reached the 3-4 pill mark. I was doing this for a year. Strictly for recreation if you wanna call... (19 replies)
... quivering effects it was giving us and I was desperate for it to stop. After over 20 years without a drop of alcohol, beer came to the rescue. ... (12 replies)
... e, both mixing them and trying to stop them. It got where the Vicodin would wear off and I'd take another, by the late afternoon, I'd be getting "shaky" from the Vicodin wearing off, hands and arms, legs would spasm, I could feel my face getting tighter, jaw clenching, so here comes the beer. ... (12 replies)
... section pain was gone but I was having chronic pain everyday so I needed to take the vicodin to stop the pain. ... (2 replies)
... n the night with a racing heart, it was getting bad. I went and got a botle of wine to calm the spasms. You got it, after 6 months of "wine for the spasms", came beer for the spasms, here we go again. That's when it got worse. Her son's and my teeth got diseased from under the gum by the mold. ... (6 replies)
Nov 6, 2003
... I have a herniated disc and face spinal fusion surgery next week. I am on 10mg/325 vicodin. I think that I should try something else since it doesn't help much at night and that is when the back and leg pain is at its worse. Thanks for your help. (10 replies)
... beer. Quit 24 years ago, relapsed 1 time, got sick as crap for 2 days, then not a drop for 20 years. This is different. There's another booger in the mix. I take vicodin for my feet, hip and back pain during the day so I can work. By afternoon, late, I get "the shakes" from the vics wearing off. ... (33 replies)
... n can I get them refilled, I promise myself I'll take only one a day, lie...lie...lie. That's my definition of addiction...the obsession. I can totally drink a beer or two after a round of golf and be fine...stop at that and not think twice. ... (12 replies)
I need help!!
Aug 28, 2005
... ray, my eyes were always deverting to that big bag of meds, checking for Vikes. So many elderly patients would bring in these huge beer can size pill bottles of Vikes, and leave them on the counter. ... (24 replies)
... Thanks to all. Bolter, you said 20-some Roxi's a day? I bet that was awful, coming off that much oxy. I fell into a self-medication trap that seems happen when a person is low on income and insurance. You can't get decent help with out decent money around here. I fear the low-cost rehab places. They're like jails and I've heard they act like them, too. The "patients" are... (33 replies)
... ay, he'll get up and do a couple lines of meth, then in the evening he'll drink a few beers and then about midnight, if he wants to sleep, he'll take an oxy or a vicodin or a hydro or some other kind of prescription pain killer to come down off the meth so he can fall asleep. ... (0 replies)
... Told you this was a long story! I started with the doctor shopping again and pharmacy hopping so they wouldn't be on to me. One day I was buying some Vicodin and they pharmacy that I took a lady I didn't even know to refill her's where I bought them from her. ... (22 replies)

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