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... Unlike Vicodin, Suboxone has relatively little side effects, and most importantly, it really won't effect your liver functioning to any significant degree like Vicodin will, as it has a lot of liver damaging acetiminophen in it. ... (1 replies)
... years at always a low level. Our problem now is there is no getting out of this mess without making a huge decision that may be the wrong one. She tried to go cold turkey because going on Methadone which was recommended by our doctor was out of the questions for us. ... (6 replies)
... re tonite, barely feel it, iam returning to normal, i was a zombie for months, iam starting to feel naturally happy again, anybody who needs support let me know, cold turkey can be done, only one other person knows, a close friend, but some people may need more suppost, take care! ... (7 replies)

... I tried taking 10mg in the morning before doctors appointment. he prescribed me to 14 Vicodin 7.5mg, ordered 1 in the AM and 1 in the PM. I was taking 2 and 2...just to deal with the pain. ... (16 replies)
... My experience when I would stop taking them cold turkey was I would feel really lousy the first 2 days. ... (3 replies)
... Familiar story, started taking Vicodin for back pain and when my meds would run out early I would go to friends for suplemental relief. ... (31 replies)
Cold Turkey
Jul 11, 2005
... Today is my first day off of Suboxone, after having a 18 month habit of vicodin. I feel about the same as you. Not feeling too bad. But kind of blah and tired and the time seems to be just crawling by. You will feel achy, flu like, depending on how much you took. Everyone is diffent. But the worst of it is gone in about 4 days. Drink lots and lots of water, take tons of... (2 replies)
... you're my role model man. good luck to you... i saw a doctor and got vicodin prescribed, this is the last time he can give me a script. i have to slowly get off of these to ease the OC withdrawl i'd be having right now. ... (16 replies)
... s bad as I did when I withdrawed from 18 a day.I can not sleep!!!I just lay there and think or go take a bath.I did not do well on a taper plan and decided to go cold turkey. ... (8 replies)
... I do believe detoxing from the Vicodin at home is feasible, but only through a slow taper. ... (3 replies)
... My Vicodin use started out when i was 19. ... (11 replies)
... and xanax to help, but he said I had to quit taking the vicodin cold turkey and take those 3 medications and then the withdrawls will not be as hard on me, BU TNO, I HAD TO GET ON METHADONE! BIG NISTAKE! ... (9 replies)
... When you get off the vicodin, I suggest you taper slowly. Some people go cold turkey and if you do that, expect chills, cold sweats, diarhea, maybe some nausea, flu like symptoms (like the worst flu you've ever had), restless limbs (RLS) and aching joints. Are you only using what your doctor prescribed or are you taking more? Be honest with yourself. And ask yourself... (4 replies)
... I tried tapering. Didn't work. Decided to go cold turkey. I filled one last hydro prescription to do the taper "right. ... (38 replies)
... Getting off of Vicodin can be very very challenging. My wife is a doctor and she had explained that in her experience tapering was the most effective. ... (16 replies)
Vicodin withdrawal
Mar 12, 2011
... wow, i have never heard of vicodin for ulcers but there is obviously a lot I don't know. withdrawls are horrible. ... (4 replies)
Vicodin Withdrawal
Jun 24, 2010
... I'm currently at the end of a taper from Vicodin. I was also taking about two pills a day. I tried to quit cold turkey, but it didn't go well. The first day was okay, the second day I started feeling sick, and by the third day I felt like I was dying. ... (6 replies)
... scribe and make big money. They have no real knowledge of the pitfalls and some just pretend to not know. It should be used as a last resort for someone with a vicodin problem that is less than 5 years. it is in a way a miracle because you said you know longer chase pills. ... (10 replies)
... Unfortunetly all the above posters are right.You are an out of control vicodin addict and as such I truely do not see any way for you to be in control enough of your usage to actually even attempt any kind of taper,honestly. ... (14 replies)
... Gee don't everyone answer at once :( (9 replies)

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