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... On my 3rd day now cold turkey. My story is almost exactly like yours Deb, I was seriously thinking of calling my doc today for some Vicodin hoping that might relieve some of this hell. I threw all of my pain meds in the toilet after I made it through the first day... day 2 was hell on earth. ... (21 replies)
... I've tried going cold turkey 7 times 4 yrs and the longest I did was 5 days. I looked into going into counseneling or a methadone lab but i CANNOT OFFORD ANY OF THAT. ... (2 replies)
... Find the Thomas recipe on the boards and use them if needed. I tampered and then went cold turkey and only used benzo's for the about a week so I was more fortunate then most. ... (13 replies)

... past I never made it past a week, but now I am so happy I have been clean for over a month, I feel so much better. I used to think I could never be happy without vicodin but now I am such a happier person without pills. I know you can do this, I am here if you need any support, take care. ... (7 replies)
... ds like you are on almost exactly the same schedule as me. I stopped 7am on Friday. Mine was Hydrocodone, but the only difference is Lortab has Tylenol in it and Vicodin has Motrin in it. Cold Turkey was definitely the way. I'm not having as great a day today as yesterday, but still pushing ahead as best I can. ... (14 replies)
... I agree with the COLD TURKEY approach. Don't get involved with other drugs to cure a drug habit. That just bugs me a bit when people just trade to another drug. ... (14 replies)
Vicodin question
Sep 10, 2005
... hiya my friend, vicoden if you break it down chemically just like percocet or darvon of oxy contin all chemical breaks down to herion, stoping cold turkey wont hurt you , if u feel u r having a problem with it, and needd to kick truth be tolld u could do it in the gutter if u were to go in treatment they would goive u kolonidin for ur bloodpressure and tell you to take lots... (6 replies)
Vicodin addiction
Aug 20, 2005
... Hey there fellow Vicodin Addicts. I am on day six of no little white pills. I came off a real good 90 Extra Stregnth bender in a weeks time. ... (21 replies)
... You are probably constipated! Vicodin does that. And honestly, if you have been taking the vics for only 3 months then just do it cold turkey! ... (3 replies)
Vicodin addiction
Apr 25, 2005
... Like many of you, with work and life, I just can't see the time to shut myself in for a couple of weeks to go cold turkey. No one knows about this but me. ... (4 replies)
... s a very ignored part of addiction. But look, don't use that as a excuse either to keep taking the pills, but rather realize that maybe, just maybe, in your case cold turkey won't be the way. ... (26 replies)
... ght it would take the edge off. Bad, bad idea. I feel pretty bad right now. I felt like I was going to get sick. Tommorrow will be my first official day starting cold turkey. Thanks to everyone. ... (26 replies)
... mg vicodin for every slip up, I'd open "Dengreen's Pharmacy! ... (12 replies)
... increased vicodin abuse for this addict. But, everybody is SO different! ... (12 replies)
... medicating myself. 1.Comtrex Cold and Flu they have the pills for day time and night time and found in many stores. They work great and help you sleep. 2. Vitamins EVERYDAY. 3. ... (2 replies)
Vicodin Issues
Nov 6, 2004
... The feeling you have is fairly normal given your history of drug abuse. Social interaction will definately help alot with your feelings of isolation and feeling disconnected. Did you ever attend Church? AA meetings? NA Meetings? Also some rigorous excercise will help alot. Get those neurotransmitters firing everyday and you will feel alot better. The exercise will... (15 replies)
Vicodin Issues
Oct 17, 2004
... My struggle with vicodin did not start in a medical setting. ... (15 replies)
... Mic, you have gotten some sound advice. I you are taking one a day, then now is the perfect time to stop. I can only speak for myself but I do believe that the vicodin caused some headaches and some sinus problems that my doc did not pickup. ... (16 replies)
... Have your doc prescribe Suboxone or Buprenex to ease you out of the withdrawals that are likely to come. I had the most god-awful withdrawals that I could not stand it, and Buprenex injections completely took the withdrawals away. Good luck, InsanityRules (16 replies)
... I have been taking vicodin for a year due to gallstone pain. I have gotten the pain under control because I lost alot of weight and am now on a very low fat diet and excercise like crazy. ... (16 replies)

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