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... that I went about the tapering all wrong. In mid April I quit ct at home after deciding that, for many reasons, I could not go to a detox facility. ... (14 replies)
... blown addicted to vicodin STEADILY since April '06. ... (56 replies)
... r between my doses and yes I did suffer and so will you but eventually you will get stronger and more in control. Believe me, as bad as it feels withdrawls from Vicodin will not kill you, it will just feel that way. I think the fear of withdrawls is more harmful because we think we are going to die so we take more pills. ... (7 replies)

... percocets a day before I went back to heroin. I have now been clean for about 8 months, which I know isn't long, but when I tried to detox at home, I never made it through a taper at all. Good luck to you, and please let me know how you're doing! ... (4 replies)
... Keep posting your symptoms and feelings. It will help you to journal your thoughts and it will help others who are reading and contemplating detox. For other detox OTC options you might want to review another thread on this board, Vicodin Home Detox. ... (88 replies)
... When I got to go home and take as much immodium as I wanted, I felt better. ... (13 replies)
Ultram addiction
Mar 22, 2006
... hello all, just adding my two cents in. I commented early on in this thread and then was gone for nearly a couple of weeks for surgery. Everyone's body chemistry is uniquely theirs. Therefore, those who have taken tramadol/ultram and did not experience problems should not assume that others did not experience legitimate problems or that they somehow caused their own... (50 replies)
... I'm also taking 40 mg of Vicodin HP daily. Some days I take only 30 mg, other days I may go as high as 50 mg, but never more than that. I started the Vicodin daily in 2002. ... (4 replies)
Please help me!
Feb 16, 2006
... Vicodin Home Remedy Detox...hopefully something among those options can help. It is a home remedy detox formula that applies to detoxing from any substance abuse, not just Vicodin. Best of luck to you....hang in there! ... (5 replies)
Benzo withdrawal
Feb 21, 2006
... detox. And, yes, you may feel free to use the Vicodin Home Detox or any Hydro thread. ... (17 replies)
For JKhopeful...
Apr 19, 2006
... the day. My last day of drinking was...are you ready for this...July 4. Yup had to get in one more July Fourth and believe me I went out with a bang. I was in detox the very next day. Okay, wait, let me back up here. Two weeks before that I had admitted myself to detox but told it was for anxiety. ... (6 replies)
Benzo withdrawal
Feb 22, 2006
... profile job, lots of stress, death in family, a doctor eager to prescribe, and well you know the story all too well. The difference for me was I wasn't taking Vicodin and Benzo at same time. ... (17 replies)
... Well, thanks to your help and my determination to stop using, I told my internist, my husband and family, and went into detox for 5 days. Just got home today. ... (7 replies)
... eel like going out and I found myself in tears several times through the day, but I did it. I had a cake and balloons along with gifts ready for him when he got home from work, and we did the planned dinner at the japanese restaurant. ... (15 replies)
Feb 21, 2005
... I have been seriously addicted to vicodin for 2 years on and off whenever myfamily would find out I was using. ... (3 replies)
... was a MD.most constant was darvon through the yrs on and off.5 or so yrs ago oxys top dose 160 morn 160 nite.tried detox 1 day . hubby called fam doc,he sent me to another pain DR.he put me on duragesic.i thought i knew withdraw.i still reeled with agony.oh honestly... ... (8 replies)
Need support
Feb 19, 2006
... nd feelings so others can help support you through it. Journalling your experience will be cathartic for you and helpful to readers who contemplating making the detox leap. Your story will be as inspiring to them as other's stories have been inspiration to you. ... (9 replies)
... do it. If you are at Day 4 or beyond you are sooooooooooooooooo close so do NOT abort the have been through the worst of it. There are a bunch of home remedy tips I have outlined in detail on another thread on this message board, Vicodin Home Remedy Detox, please review it for options that will help lessen WDs. ... (11 replies)
... If i was you ,i would sue that doctors *** off for giving him methadone in the first place,he could have given him dyhidracodine instead,short name dfs)they help just as much,but normally methadone is given when you are coming off hard drugs which i know vicodin is,but the doctor had the power to give him anything and he gave him something that is way harder to come off,dfs... (9 replies)
Relapse support
Jan 1, 2006
... i have an addicition to vicodin and had been taking 3 to 12 daily for about 6 months. i finally confided in my husband my problem and plan to go cold turkey. ... (16 replies)

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