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... nning plus i feel like an emotional wreck. I called my mom and confided in her to tell her what is going on becuase ive been crying on and off all day becuase my emotions are so out of whack. I just want the withdrawals to go away and feel normal again. Ill never touch another one of those horrible pills again, its not worth this. ... (12 replies)
... Callie 79 Sorry I did not address your feelings of anxiety, guilt and just "stupid things" as you put it. Well I have and had those same emotions. We are addicts and we feel guilty about it. Anyone who's been or is in our shoes feels the same. If they say they don't they are just in denial. I have other addictions (alcohol) which I am also going through withdrawls on. Most... (10 replies)
... Hello, my name is Kim and at 4pm today it will be the first 24 hrs that I have not had vicodin!!! I have so many emotions running thru me I feel like my mind is spinning! I have tried tapering back but never could, if I had them I took them! ... (9 replies)

... he physical withdrawls, then he had to face the even tougher emotional stuff...the stuff that makes one cry at movies or at the sight of something sad. My son's emotions were on the "edge" all the time...and still are to some degree. ... (31 replies)
... hello. the circumstances you have discribed are so simillar to what i went through - and have to fight every day - it's scary. i have never lost a friend to drugs, though i have know people who have, and the state hasn't banned me from anything as far as i know (i kinda wish they would). i was arrested for prescription fraud almost 5 years ago and had to pee in a cup for a... (7 replies)
... Sorry to hear that brother. Stay strong...I imagine whatever you are feeling is to be expected...and it should get easier as time passes. (8 replies)
... I pray and hope for your best results truly, as you said it may be easy that's ... that's real good news for you then- in my case it's not so simple... I have major anxiety from the withdrawal even right now, feels like I'm having a stroke ... but I'm not, ugh ... my emotions are all over and I just feel bad :(. (8 replies)
... I wanted to let you know that you're not alone. We have to learn, as Reach has taught us, to deal with our emotions in sobriety. That is a DIFFICULT task. ... (25 replies)
... I know this has to get better. I took a look around my house and was disgusted. I have spent so much time chasing the pills and when I finally got them, all I wanted to do was love them. But, it got to the point to where I wasnt even cleaning my house and even when I was at work, I didnt want to work. They just do something to my mind & break my spirit. Oh lord, am I afraid of... (56 replies)
... hey alisa, i understand your situation, im 24 male, almost 25 in 2 weeks, i have been battling the same addiction for about 2 years now, and i can see how time just goes by and i dont want to be doin this years from now, i have wanted to quit for the longest time, i did it twice, 8 days and 10, but relapsed, i think what caused me to was frustration, boredom at work, so i... (15 replies)
Vicodin Addicition
Oct 12, 2004
... his own growing understanding.....he has a good chance of overcoming his use. I think that posters should be encouraged to "think aloud" and express their mixed emotions about the effect of these pills in their life. The reality of the situation soon comes clear.... ... (12 replies)
... Hello, I am new here, and wanted to post my story. Im 50 yrs old, and was taking 6mg of suboxone every day for 8 straight years. Long story sort, I ran out of money, and had no choice but to quit cold turkey. It put me in the hospital for 4 days, and they sent me home with 14 day supply of trazadone, to sleep. Today is day 20 of being clean. But I have terrible PAWS. The 3... (1 replies)
... ack and life was great. At around 7 years in I injured my shoulder while working out with weights, trapped a nerve and ended up in extreme pain. Nothing short of Vicodin could help and they could not operate without a better than even chance of leaving me with a useless right arm. ... (1 replies)
... But is this really what Vicodin normally makes one feel like? ... (2 replies)
... I am sad just as Reach is to see that you are leaning in the direction of Vicodin to help you feel normal! ... (8 replies)
... im, "There was no reason for the tears and emotions....hell, it was just coming off of some stupid pills". I was made to feel that if I continued to let my real emotions and feelings show through, that I might seriously lose the one person on this planet that I even have any desire to live for. ... (15 replies)
... board know that my medical condition may not ever allow me to have children and to me, my pets are my kids. And they have been ESSENTIAL to my getting over the vicodin addiction by always being there to distract me etc... ... (25 replies)
Aug 23, 2004
... Okay, Banker - am back from my doctor's appt. :) First...Re. your diet pills and the Ritalin, etc. You know, I do not know anything about these types of drugs. And the only thing I'd wondered about was, if I remember correctly...was if your doctor might be taking you off the Suboxone too soon--and substituting it with one of the ADD meds--i.e., Wellbutrin--and the ADD... (15 replies)
... t, i can't complain. I have noticed that i've been thinking about my drug of choice today. Not because I want to use, but because I'm starting to feel all these emotions that have been numbed for so long. I've just been wondering why i can feel them on suboxone and couldn't on opiates like vicodin. ... (43 replies)
... but I ended up escaping without getting hooked. Fast forward a few years husband and I had financial troubles with new business and I obtained a Rx secretly for Vicodin because of frequent headaches, cramps, etc. ... (3 replies)

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