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... So far it's been 4 hours with just the one pill and I still feel good. Hell compared to how I felt before I took it anything feels good. My Idea was kind of a "one fewer pill every two days" idea. I just hope when I take the next one it gets me the same mileage this one did. ... (21 replies)
Aug 10, 2005
... and people start LIKING you again and you start to like you again! It feels SO MUCH BETTER than drugs ever could! Sure, I have bad days but what the heck, the good days are worth it! Good luck to you and I hope you make it. ... (23 replies)
... Sorry to hear that brother. Stay strong...I imagine whatever you are feeling is to be expected...and it should get easier as time passes. (8 replies)

... in my case it's not so simple... I have major anxiety from the withdrawal even right now, feels like I'm having a stroke ... but I'm not, ugh ... ... (8 replies)
... TLY like me!!! It was the only one I read that stunned me and made me want to cry! Partly out of heartbreak and partly from joy! To recognize that someone else FEELS EXACTLY LIKE I DO felt good! ... (19 replies)
... echo is that eventually, usually after several months, you have to detox off the Suboxone and that scares me especially because I'm still in hell getting off the Vicodin and cannot imagine ever going through this again. ... (58 replies)
... What a delight to see that you all take the time to write to me . Honestly , I didn't expect much in replies . So far the 4 of you have made my day indeed !!! It's so refreshing to know that there are people out there that are or were on my path of self destruction . ... (18 replies)
... depressant called celexa. I have had a lot of success with it. I also have a med to take when my anxiety feels out of control called Lorazapam. ... (9 replies)
Jul 8, 2005
... I want a friggin vicodin so bad I would run over my own mother to get it! Of course I would run her over for a Starbucks discount card, so... ... (35 replies)
... Being off of them will give him an opportunity to find out WHO he really is. It will be a confusing time for both of you as he explores how he really feels about things. It's so great that you are supporting him! ... (31 replies)
... fortunately we don't have the willpower. I don't think any of us could have a script in our house and not give into temptation. It sounds as though you are ready so take that first step and flush them. I flushed anything and everything in my house from ultram to vicodin to benzos and so on. ... (4 replies)
... Oh yes very much so, actually I think I feel better then before. My mind feels so sharp, my emotions are so positive, no depression. ... (38 replies)
My Story
Jan 2, 2007
... I met a girl who was selling vicodin, Methadone clinics are a great way to meet people to do drugs with, at least the one I went to, that day began my journey of vicodin addiction. I spent approximately 6 years addicted to vicodin, whatever I could find. ... (5 replies)
... It sounds like he is taking the suboxone as directed. Since that is the case, then the vicodin should not have any effect. ... (10 replies)
... ugliness that nobody wants to admit to. You see, I use to be a pharm tech and I have seen thousands of addicts on pills and quite honestly, chemically it is not good for your body and brain. It just messes you up. ... (47 replies)
... you drink it in front of them so they can witness you taking it. ... (10 replies)
Benzo withdrawal
Feb 22, 2006
... h profile job and the stress was more than I could handle at times. But I quit the Valium when I had my son. Then I went through a series of family deaths, and so on, and my doctor said the Valium would help me cope. ... (17 replies)
... d. I started off taking 2 vicodin the first day, which helped, but wasn't what I wanted. ... (8 replies)
... AM NOT A DOCTOR, PSYCHOLOGIST, OR ANYTHING! This is just my story and my battle with MY addiction. I don't know if my story will help YOUR OWN personal case of Vicodin addiction. MY story is just to give YOU HOPE! THERE CAN BE A BETTER TOMORROW... ... (7 replies)
... The reason that the ground feels like it is moving up and down is because you have an inner ear problem that probably was started from the alcohol abuse. ... (9 replies)

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