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... Anyway, it almost feels as if this present era.... ... (16 replies)
... Tomorrow I am going in to talk to the doctor and see about going up to 110 as I've had some of what I call "breakthru" withdrawals. Like it feels like the dose isn't lasting a full 24 hrs., and my newfound sleeping through the night changes, or I get those "crawling skin" sensations. I was at 100 mgs. ... (12 replies)
... hi bill. you have gotten some really good advice from katlin here. i just wanted to add a few things i think you should know. ... (8 replies)

... r in college! Then we are all going out to lunch. This is all a big deal because a few years ago this little outing would have seemed unfathomable to me. I was so isolated in my drug haze that I would have simply stayed home and then felt sorry for myself that I had not gone with everyone else. ... (86 replies)
... First, that peaceful feeling and the non anxiety and no sadness, is a high. It is the euphoria from the narcotic that feels like a cure. WHen I first started out on my meds I was on Vicodin . I was pretty dependent on it looking back. Not only physically but mentally. ... (24 replies)
... You didn't taper! Like I posted before, you can do this detox cold turkey. Your not on such a high dose, so use the home detox plan and get it over with. Don't forget the most important part of aftercare program or you will find yourself back with the same issue. ... (4 replies)
Dec 17, 2006
... My doctor also gave me a script for WELLBUTRIN, to quit smoking. I am wondering if this is such a good thing to do since I am going into detox from the vicodin hopefully on the 29th. Should I start taking it now or wait until when I get back from detox? ... (14 replies)
... others have reported good success. ... (0 replies)
... What an inspiring story if not also so vividly true..the description of the addiction I guess we are all similar creatures.I've been struggling with this tapering for almost a week... ... (32 replies)
... and it in many ways that is was I was doing. Withdrawal sucked, but for every bad symptom there seemed to be three new good things reawakening in me. ... (32 replies)
... others have reported good success. ... (41 replies)
... others have reported good success. ... (1 replies)
PAT88 you there?
Nov 15, 2004
... my state of mind is well its bad, at home in the safety of my home im functioning but anything beyond that i never know although i did quite a few errands today so thats a plus. im going to make a call tomorrow to this mental health place and make an appt. ... (3 replies)
... Well the nap didn't happen. Or eating. The second I laid down my legs started feeling restless again and I was afraid the pain would start again, so I got up and took another bath. ... (29 replies)
... rching for weeks to try and help myself understand what is going wrong with my fiance. This post will probably be long, but when I just bust out basics it sounds so damning, I have to present a little more. This whole weakness on my part might be why I am even here. ... (12 replies)
... ss addictions since the time I was about 13. I don't drink, I didn't use drugs for years, I was feeling very in control. About four years ago, I was prescribed Vicodin for a recurrent pilonidal cyst. I needed surgery, but wanted to wait until after my wedding. It's now been four long years and I know I am an addict. ... (8 replies)
... She was taking Vicodin and Soma. My father had broken up with her a few times, because at first... she was getting very 'loopy' on the drugs. Then it got worse. ... (9 replies)
... I keep looking look back at myself and asking how did i get here, how I could get my self into this parrel. Im a 43 year old male I sarted vicodin over 3 years ago started out normel had a broken shoulder from riding my dirtbike. ... (4 replies)
Benzo withdrawal
May 24, 2005
... Im so looking foreward to feeling normal again. Maybe it will be a long time but at least I hope to get a tiny bit better each day. ... (9 replies)
... rent. i got off pills because i took them SOLELY to get high, you NEED pain management to live your life, i have no severe chronic pain that would justify taking vicodin every day. i'm taking the cymbalta for depression only, man does it make me feel weird. ... (15 replies)

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