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... Breaking the cycle alone is virtually impossible. you will need a support grp as hubby may not be enough. serch in your area for a drug and alcohol support grp, this doesn't necessarily have to ne NA, and consider going along to see if it suits you, if not keep lookingt buit you will defintely need support. ... (10 replies)
... also 1 more vicodin to. ... (3 replies)
... I totally agree REC. I don't want to be argumentative BodyMechanic, but I just think you made a critical error in your line of thinking in responding to the poster. Just hear me out, and we can agree to disagree if it comes to that! :) I don't agree with your comment that people who are not addicted will not get withdrawal symptoms after taking opiates for some time. ... (12 replies)

... I had a terrible experience once back when I first had my accident, where I was taking my vicodin and I would take more than I was supposed to. my skin and eyes turned yellow and I had to go to the ER where they told me my liver was shutting down. ... (3 replies)
... Percocet habit. I work in a large busy hospital, and you just don't know how many times a day I hear the word VICODIN spoken. I rings in my head each time I hear it. ... (38 replies)
... This is a well worded explaination of the why we go through the wds.and such! Very smart lady that wrote this out!! Ok, get comfortable, this is going to be long. Please be patient as this may be hard to explain via this medium but I will do my best. First and formost, most people, addicts included, either don't know or don't believe that addiction is a very real, very... (13 replies)
... ard, but it is a scary feeling and its definately real. Back in the day when i abused tramadol, it was worse. Tamadol is a sard drug to kick to. I'd rather kick vicodin and percocet anyday!! ... (12 replies)
... it's too harse to brand you an addict as one poster did. YOu may be, but only you can realise this and I would suggest that you try and look back at your use of alcohol and other substances. If you see other warning signs then you should look to talk to an addiction counsellor or even visit an NA meeting. ... (9 replies)
Slow Withdrawal
Jul 21, 2003
... I am a Information Technology Coordinator for a large corporation. With over 400 computers here and state-wide, they only have given me 2 technicians, slow at that. The stress has been soooo bad, I am almost 2 years behind on some tasks!!! Anyway, I went through detox last April 2002 and took 4 weeks off, I had a great boss!!! The new boss thinks crazy, work, micro-management,... (4 replies)
... that I was allergic to it, because I never wanted to take it. My mother who had the same back condition that I now have, had four surgeries, became addicted to vicodin and percocet, dr. shopped, was removed from pain management clinics and finally died of an overdose of tramadol and flexiril. ... (4 replies)
... Along with getting the pills from my boyfriend, I was also seeing a pain management Dr. that was prescribing oxycontin 40mg. every 12hrs with percocet 10mg every 8 hrs for breakthrough pain and xanax for anxiety. ... (11 replies)
... addict. I have to argue against your point about the intensity of WDs. IMHO the withdrawals from opiates are ten times worse than alcohol DTs. I can remember going on a drinking binge and putting away a pint of vodka and by lunch the next day I was hurting badly. ... (59 replies)
... I am 28 days clean from a vicodin addiction that lasted over two years. Even though it was "only" vicodin and not as strong as the percocet, I was taking as many as 18 pills per day and was completely terrified and miserable. ... (26 replies)
... year I was far too scared of developing another addiction to take anything narcotic, but after other treatments weren't working, I finally gave in and filled the vicodin script my dr had given me a while before. ... (0 replies)
... For the last year and a half I've been back on pain meds. They work great. But, my tolerance has gone through the roof. I went from 10mg of Vicodin to now needing 40mg of Percocet and I know it isn't healthy. The addict in me abuses the meds. I hate it, but I can't stop it. I know how that sounds, too. ... (10 replies)
... Inx, You asked so here's my story, warts and all. I'm a 40-year old trial attorney in Louis*****, Ky. I've been married to hopefortoday for 15 years this October 29. We dated for 5 years before we were married. We have a 5-year old daughter and 6-year old son (and another one on the way due in May '04). They are really good (and fun) kids. I grew up very poor on a... (16 replies)
... I'm a 40-year old trial attorney in Louisville, Ky. I've been married to hopefortoday for 16 years this October 29. We dated for 5 years before we were married. We have a 5-year old daughter and 6-year old son. They are really good (and fun) kids -- we're taking the day off tomorrow and going to Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN, for our "end of Summer" outing. I grew up... (17 replies)
... or anxiety, just have enjoyed using drugs recreationally from time to time in my past. Well, since getting pregnant with my son, I had been completely drug and alcohol free, until about a year ago when some dental problems got me started on painkillers. First Vicodin, then Vicodin ES, then Percocet. I CAN'T STOP TAKING THEM! ... (11 replies)
... I have been having serious pain for the past several months, and I've been on and off of vicodin and percocet in that time. ... (15 replies)
... and I had some Vicodin on Thursday. Since then, I've had nothing but Valium to assist with the cramping, etc. ... (0 replies)

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