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... Hey south beach, hopefully by now your symptoms are diminishing. I have the same symptoms in my legs and whole body. Sleeping is hell because I have to move every minute or stretch or wring my hands. Worst of all I haven't even told my husband and he has no idea what I'm going through. ... (14 replies)
Vicodin Withdrawal
Feb 19, 2007
... I sincerely appreciate you all for responding. I don't feel so damn alone. Today is lost cause but I've got to make myself get out tomorrow. ... (7 replies)
Vicodin withdrawal
Mar 11, 2011
... I have been taking vicodin off and on for 3 years. Now i have been taking it more everyday up to like 15 or 20mg. I am out of it... ... (4 replies)

Vicodin Addicition
Oct 18, 2004
... Caitlinjoy, this depends on what you consider "best." For some, coldturkey is the only way to go, because if you have drugs lying around as you try to ween off, you'll be very very tempted to just take enough to get high. ... (12 replies)
... tram addiction, I was taking 20 to 25 pills a day for 4 years, in addition to whatever opiates I could get my hands on, such as codeine and fentanyl patches. The hell of coming off the ultram cold turkey was undescribeable. ... (25 replies)
Vicodin Withdrawal
Feb 19, 2007
... Im in the middle of flipping three houses and my reg. job, and all the kids, ect. If I had to go thru what you all are doing, it would be hell to say the least. ... (7 replies)
Vicodin withdrawal
Jan 19, 2007
... ine or St johns Wort if you are already taking AD meds. They dont take the hard stuff away, but your organs will bounce back quicker and get cleaned out. There is nothing out there that will take the pain of WDs away, JMHO. ... (9 replies)
... eyes and they laugh and act as if nothing is going on and say DATE OF BIRTH!!!! ... (3 replies)
... Please hang in there. It is so hard to explain exactly how withdrawal feels but it is HELL! If you continue someday you will have to face it. It sucks and it is not worth it. I kept telling myself in the begining that it was ok and it was worth it and it can't be that bad to stop. It is the devil's pill. ... (10 replies)
Ultram Withdrawal
Jun 29, 2013
... The first thing that comes to mind is did you ever at any time in your life have either a dependency or an addiction to any type of Opiate at all? ... (6 replies)
... So for all of you that want help with this, here it is, the Thomas Recipe that I am so glad Lynn helped me find. Just reading this makes it seem like it really is doable! So tomorrow, it's off to the store to get this stuff. ... (4 replies)
Mar 14, 2010
... I'm staying with a family member while he is going through detox from a variety of different drugs. It's hard because no one knew this he had a drug habit, let alone an addiction. ... (2 replies)
... o say on day 4 that im actually starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Don't get me wrong i do feel icky still but its manageable, the hardest part is going to sleep at night and even getting any sleep at all, i guess thats what im dreading tonight. ... (12 replies)
... This is helping a bunch having some people to share with. ... (18 replies)
... You need to ween off it. I believe the lesser the dose, the easier it is to come off it. If you're on a high dose, ask your doctor to prescribe a lower dose until you can ween off it entirely. ... (8 replies)
... r. and request to be taken off them and and requested to be put on methadone.I have been seeing this dr. since I have been 16yrs old and yep, you guessed it, he is the one that started the vicodin,but PER MY REQUEST...not his fault, thats for sure... ... (9 replies)
... Just type her name and the word withdrawal or detox taper it should bring it up. You might review that to see if any of the guidelines there look like it could crossover for an opiate taper. ... (4 replies)
Apr 4, 2011
... Those are the basic withdrawal symptoms but worsens 10000000x the longer you take them. ... (14 replies)
... I am fighting the battle to stop Vicodin and, even though the physical part hurts like hell, the anxiety that comes along with it is the hardest thing to deal with. Sometimes I feel like I could just jump out of my skin. It is what has caused me to relapse so many times. ... (27 replies)
... lol when you are out..when you are done.. it still sucks just as much! and you right uneek, there is nothing like tossing it down the toilet! ... (19 replies)

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