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... Hi everyone, I've been reading this board for a long time. I have a huge dependancy on vicoprophen. I swear they are more to me than just pain killers. I've read where a lot of you feel the same. Its like they help me thru the day. They make me want to live, without them I sit around all day trying to figure out how to hit another doctor I havent already used or like some... (17 replies)
... actually I take Vicoprophen 7. ... (16 replies)
... myself and the other time because it was just more convenient at the time! Also I have had several different dentists and doctors perscribe me either vicoden or vicoprophen in the last year...but never gotten a script filled until the main one had run out! ... (27 replies)

... Hello The Ibuprofen in what you are taking has a mild bloodthinning effect in even a small dose. I believe that the thin blodd is what is causing those hickey like marks. I was on Plavix after a heart attack as well as 81 mg aspirin. I was also taking some natural supplements. One of the supplements ( can not remember for the life of me at the moment which one it is),... (8 replies)
... you are taking way way to much ibuprfren at one time.that is what is in the vicoprophen besides hydrocodone.that is way way to much ibuprophen to be putting in the body at one dose. ... (8 replies)
I failed
Dec 19, 2004
... on an Algebra test.This isn't a's just a part of life.Murph65 tried sub and it was NOT for him,and the last time I had heard from him he was down to 4 vicoprophen a day. ... (11 replies)
... Hey Julie--I soooo know what you mean. I have the Ultram and have taken 6 50mgs and my head is pouding! I was doing so good at tapering with some control this week and now its like id EAT 20 if I could get my hands on some. I know also about the internet thing. I have looked and looked but it seems what Im looking for is hard to come by, its the vicoprophen...I know its... (35 replies)
... eat is wonderful for pain and injury. heat increases circulation causing white blood cells to rust to that area. this can also cause inflammation. the prophen in vicoprophen is for inflammation. i hate ice too. but the best way to use it is 1 min of cold then 3 min of heat. keep switching them up. ... (6 replies)
... and had to call in my refill for vicoprophen one day early today because I ran through them pretty fast since the massage! ... (6 replies)
... I am currently taking vicoprophen 7. ... (6 replies)
... Pez--you know, its a hard question to answer. I to wish they would consider opiates the same as the antidepressants. But it wouldnt matter Id abuse that too. Its just not acceptabe to take 20 pills, pez. Im right there with you girl, I down 10 at a time and I know its wrong. I dont get a buzz I just get normal. Well, now Im out, after doc shopping all freaking week and it... (8 replies)
... Liberty***** Your right next door to me and we are going throught the same thing. I have floated back and forth from Tramadol to Vicoprophen to Norco back to Tramadol I seem to dodge the bullet with Tramadol tapper so i come down easy occationally time it wrong and am out of money or the shipping takes to long on the Tramadol so I feel the full force of Tramadol and the... (22 replies)
... Hi Julie. I like you got my pain meds (vicoprophen) for migraines and bad cramps. And like you I started to abuse them after a year of taking them only when needed. I like you get a lot from my doctor but also order off the web for a extra supply. I like you take them for the "buzz" and to help me with stress and social situations. Most of our stories on this board are... (29 replies)
... I am using 15 vicoprophen a day. I was clean for 8 days and relapsed. I have about 30 pills right now and they will be gone in 2 days. I dread the hell that I'll go thru. ... (25 replies)
... Christie~ You sound just like me. NOTHING gets done if I don't have my vicoprophen. Im busy getting the phone book down looking up a new doc that I hadn't hit. Like I told others here, the most I get at a time is 60 and the majority is 30. I take 15 a day and my scripts are continusly(sp) running out. I relapsed these last few days and I dread the withdrawals again. You... (11 replies)
New to group...
Jul 19, 2003
... This is my first time to post but I have been reading for a couple of weeks. I took 1 to 2 vicoprophen once a day for a year but now am up to 4 or 5 (the last month or so) Is is a sure thing that the numbers will creep up? What is it like to stop cold turkey when taking this amount? Thanks for your advice. edie (4 replies)
... makes me deathly sick when I down 6 at a time so that's why the vicoprophen works wonders for me because it only has 200 mgs of ibuprophen. And I've been taking the 15 a day now for prolly 3 months possibly 4. ... (9 replies)
... Well, the longest I have been clean was the very first time I detoxed in the hospital 4 years ago. I didnt take anything except elavil 25 mgs at night. I stayed like that for 2 years. Then a trip to the dentist allowed me to take a hydrocodone pill to stop the pain. I did fine for say 6 months. I had neglicated my teeth prior to detoxing in 1999 (no, Im not like missing... (9 replies)
... Okay, I finally decided to post here, I've read lots of times but never actually posted. I hope this is worth my time. It seems to be an active board where people are experencing the same kinds of things I am. My name says it all. I went into rehab. over 3 years ago to get clean from Xanax and Fiorinal #3. Here is what I got clean from. 15 1 mg. Xanax and 15 Fiorinal... (18 replies)

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