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... Like Fabby, I've been taking Tramadol for at least five years or more for my fibromyalgia aches and pains. I take two 5mg, three times a day and it has been a miracle drug for me. I have gone periods where I ran out of ultram or didn't feel as achy where I didn't take ultram and never had a problem. At first, I felt a little dizzy and lightheaded but that went away. My... (11 replies)
... Wow! I could never imagine pretending my stash didn't exist. If my husband threw out my drugs or even gave a single pill to one of his friends I would go ballistic. Of course I wasn't lying to him about taking them. I guess we all are different. As to your sister, being concerned is good but I guess I don't believe in interferring in another's addiction unless it is... (5 replies)
... kiki, your sister sounds just like me. At first I was prescribed medication for me for pain. But, my tolerance grew very strong, very quickly. Although I can not tell you how, if there was a way for me to get pain medications, I did. When my husband found one of my 'stashes' and disposed of it without confronting me, I would pretend they never existed. Therefore, if he... (5 replies)

... Hi KiKi, I think and hope your point (question) is not how but HOW! do addicts get drugs. As an addict, we will lie, cheat and steal to get the drugs we want. The point is that until your sister admits she has a problem and wants to get clean there's nothing much anyone can do for her. They can NOT enable her. They can let her know lovingly of their concerns and that they... (5 replies)
... No posts about getting drugs illegally or inappropriately -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please stay on topic: recovery. Discussions about how to or where or how many or what kind of getting illegal substances is not allowed. This includes any illegitimate use. You will lose posting privileges over doing so. (5 replies)
... there ARE ways that people can get vicodin besides a dr. How to obtain illegal ways to get the drugs, I believe, is one of the rules on this board that we are NOT able to specify. sorry. i could be wrong. :confused: (5 replies)
... Hello, I'm trying to detox from Xanax right now and I have a sister who takes several prescribed medications for pain management. However, I recently learned from her husband that she's also taking Vicodin, but that is NOT prescribed to her. He said he occasionally finds a bottle and throws it away without her knowing, but she never says anything, which leads him to... (5 replies)
... hello jc.i would like to let you know i have been managing my addiction of loritabs for 1 year now i had back surgury in november of this year and i have pain you cant even think about i started off taking 4 a day then 6 then 8 and found myself getting hooked but for good reasons for my pain i dont take them to get high....i need them for my pain..i just started weining my... (8 replies)
... (8 replies)
... thanks for the insightful replies everyone!! I don't like the fact that I need to take painkillers...I'm also on antidepressants which work very well, however I do not feel the pressure to stop them (this far) if they are of benefit to my mental and physical well-being. If I broke my legs, I would use a wheel chair or crutches to get around is the way I think of it, if I'm... (8 replies)
... :wave: Hi I have been taking hydrocodone 7.5/750 for a year now. I always take as directed 1 every 4-6 hours. Most days I only take 4. I have constant nerve pain from a herniated disk. My daily pain level is 7, But at night it gets to 9 or 10. I try to take regular tylenol at night, just so I don't let myself get crazy with the hydro's. It is actually a concious effort on... (8 replies)
... Hello Jones.. I had back surgery in 1993, in fact I had 3 of them, (1993-1995) after surgery I was in so much pain, the doctor gave me a script for Lortab, when I first took it I thought that the pill was a lifesaver because it made the pain go way in like 20 minutes so I took one every 4 hours, before I could get off of the drug I had another surgery and the doc continued... (8 replies)
... I Take 4-6 500mg. Vicodin Daily For Scar Tissue After Back Surgery And Know Exactly How You Feel. I Also Take 900mg. Of Nueorotin Daily Along With 300mg. Of Celebrex. This Has Been Going On For About 6 Months. I Actually Stopped Taking Them For A While Yesterday To Check My Actual Pain And After 11 Hrs. The Pain Rose To The Point That I Had To Take Them Again. I Also Stopped... (8 replies)
... Hi JC, I think you have to be really really honest about the level of pain you have. Do you take them every single day or are there days you don't need them? If I had chronic sinus pain and pressure as you describe I'm not sure I would be satisfied with being left with a need to take 5-6 daily norcos. Is this pain permanent? Painkillers are rarely the solution to a... (8 replies)
... Hello, there are people out there that can use pain meds for " ligitimate" pain but they probably don't come to this board. My husband is one of them. He can have a bottle of ES Vicadin in his drawer with 25 tabs and he will take a 1/2 pill once in awhile when his pain is really bad. he has never taken one when he didn't have pain. My father is another one, he will have... (8 replies)
... Hello everyone, I am new here but have been reading the boards for almost a year now and have finally decided to join. I have been taking norcos (5-6) a day for sinus headaches and pressure resulting from an accident 15 yrs ago. I subsequently had septoplasty and a tonsillectomy/turbinate reduction to relieve tension and reduce pressure and reoccurence of sinus infections. ... (8 replies)
... Just go into detox then treatment for the hydro addiction. Methadone treatment for Vidodin addiction sounds like overkill to me. I've seen people detox from methadone and believe me, it is not a pretty sight. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Royalty -- I am 28 days clean from a vicodin addiction that lasted over two years. I was taking as many as 18 pills per day and was completely terrified and miserable. Each time I got a prescription I would tell myself I would "do better" and wean myself off once and for all. Unfortunately, and there's no getting around this, the addiction is bigger than we are, and we... (20 replies)
... Newbie -- I am 28 days clean from a vicodin addiction that lasted over two years. Even though it was "only" vicodin and not as strong as the percocet, I was taking as many as 18 pills per day and was completely terrified and miserable. Just like you, each time I got a prescription I would tell myself I would "do better" and wean myself off once and for all. Unfortunately,... (26 replies)
I did it !!!!
Jul 19, 2003
... Hi Percokitty: I can't believe your strength! I wish I had once ounce of courage to flush them, they way you did. Congratulations, you did the right thing! I can totally realate to "having the refill as your security blanket". I have refills floating around...and feel the exact same way. I too am a big ER fan. Know the episode about Carter and the pills all too well. ... (26 replies)

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