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... Hi Amanda thank you for your imformation and support. he really only has the somas and he has been doing well with them but he is almos out. im going to go to the store and get him some benedril i herd that works also. the showers are amazing he says they help him so much. i just read him your post he says he love all of you and he cant wait to be able to write himself! kit... (27 replies)
... Nicole- Wow are you a trooper!!! I have to first comend you on being there for an addict going thru w/d. It is not fun for the addict and I am sure it is not fun for the spouse. My husband works like 70 hours a week and was not there for me, so that aspect was very difficult, plus the kids. OK so the somas are reaxing him? I think that I have read about people getting... (27 replies)
... Nicole; How you guys doing? Hope all is well and Greg is progressing. Closing in on 2 days down. If you can get Greg to walk that would be good, keep feeding him liquids and food and if he wants to sleep let him sleep as much as he can. Not sure which time zone you're in or which country but just keep the faith and strength, love and perseverance will get you through this.... (27 replies)

... Hang in there Greg it will get better soon I'm on day two no lorcet its no fun but tomorrows alot better than today and so on and so on (27 replies)
... thank you everyone for all of your kind words and support if i could send you all a computer hug right now i would! im so gratefull that he is sleeping because it seems so rare for all of you. when gregg woke up this moring is was so much better i guess the valume wore off. im not going to let him have anymore of them. ill stick to the somas because i cant find the... (27 replies)
... Nicole- You are a wonderful girlfriend!!Goddess/God love you both! Hows greg doing now? Its hard watching someone you love in pain-but remember in a few days he will be much better..he might beg/kick and scream (i did)..but try to be patient and shortly it will be done. If by some chance..things get horrible and he takes something or needs a detox don't give up..there are... (27 replies)
... Nicole; Good news as Greg should now be at 33 hrs. I would stay away from the Ultram, its a synthetic opiate that has a nasty side also as many here will attest to. The next 2 days will be no fun but as Lisa says it slowly starts to even out. Liquids, food and exercise when not sleeping will help. Did Greg point out which pill he thought were Valium? That will help, as will... (27 replies)
... Nicole and Greg, Good morning, I am happy you are hanging in there. I know it is hard. I really don't know any thing about ultram except after my surgury I refused the vicodine they wanted to give me and ultram is what they gave me instead I came here and every one told me it was just as bad I got some advil instead I also wanted to tell you if this is any thing like herion... (27 replies)
... name is Lisa and i just wanted to let you know that you are one hell of a girl to go thru this with is not going to be pleasant by any means. Withdrawal usually heightens at about 72 hours and then kinda levels off for a couple of more days. I did see things that were not there, could NOT sleep for like 3 or 4 days, that in it self was making me... (27 replies)
... well it is now 5:00 an i think gregg is doing ok he has not had a vikoden in about 28 hours. he has just woke up parshley after sleeping for 4 hrs. i gave him 2 somas. however i have something else here called a utraram has anyone ever heard of this and do you recomend it for his pain. he just cant seem to get comftorable anymore and is still talking about things i cant... (27 replies)
... Good morning everyone, but this post above with oxys was me for over two years and if I can be of any help I sure would like to try. I started in the beginning with oxycodon and vikodens on pain issues and quickly went up to the oxys; To make a long story short... before I was done I was easily taking 8 to 10 80mgs per day and throw in a couple 40mgs along with it. I no... (10 replies)

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