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... I'm really scared at the moment as I'm aware that I'm using alcohol addictively. This is not the 1st time, I spent 6 years clean and going to AA before relapsing. But for 2 years I had little interest in Alcohol, although I must admit I always had something to smoke etc. In fact I went through a 3 month period last year from September to December when I abused legal highs... (7 replies)
... ok...ok.ok..its not my new addiction..but it was fun....we went to Jemez Mountains and it was so beautiful, so Mom thougth hey a lil vodka,,,well pint ran out and dad was drinking bud light so....i started there...oh no...hard liquor and mommy dont mix.....i am glad to report no hangover...but the bedspins like a muttther...............thanks guys for caring.....and making fun... (18 replies)
... off opiates for....who cares! Hello vodka! Never been a drinker.....but hey I'm leaving las being drunk! New addiction.......wish me luck or are good at it. Who ever YOU are! Kiss my sweet........... (18 replies)

... Hello Blasterboy Well, my friend, this is not the first time around the block for you with this issue. I am going to talk straight to you because you already know the drill. I'm managing to control it and avoid hangovers and I'm still functioning. But I know absolutely that these things always get worse; I know my drinking will escalate, but I can't find the strength to... (7 replies)
... been talking 1 xanax and 1 vicidon a day. We don't take them during the day, just at night. He pops his and drinks beer and smokes his pot. I pop mine and drink vodka and cranberry juice. ... (2 replies)
... sease, not alcoholism. People with addictions have addictive personalities, and very weak wills, but I think to call it a disease, shifs some of the blame of our addiction away from we the responsible parties, ourselves. Both of my addictions in my life were completely free will endevers. ... (19 replies)
... to hide it, but my brother and I always knew. I was about 13 and my brother was about 9 when it all started. At first she'd hide the bottles, put her glass of vodka under the table and mix it with MILK! ... (13 replies)
... k he is saying that diseases like diabetes and cancer are things that we cannot control ourselves unlike alcoholism which requires us to actually lift a glass of vodka to our mouths in order to make it happen. ... (19 replies)
... Hello Julie, It would surprise me if the doctor's didn't suggest the possibility of a liver transplant.If they place her on the list now,she may be able to receive a transplant. I would take the physician's information as gospel,unless you want to get a second opinion. The doctor's check her medical history,meds used,etc. and then give their prognosis based upon the... (2 replies)
... my couisin drinks a 5th of vodka or more daily. she has been in the hosital over a week with the symtons of liver failure. ... (2 replies)
... I have been with my boyfriend for over 4 years and we have lived together ever since. When we met we both liked to drink together and have fun, but now it has gotten worse. There was a time in the past when we were drunk and I slapped him and he choked me. I had a restraining order put on him, but he cried and became depressed. I felt bad so I went back to him. We constantly... (4 replies)
... brothers and cousins, i was the one that had an awakening and realized it. so since i followed you here and i am fighting having to take narcotics wich is a huge addiction risk for me i thought maybe i can help. i hope my 2 cents can help some. ... (18 replies)
... Thanks painman (what are you doing here in addiction?) And both are right. Would love to post more but just don't have it in me....rsd is raging & the scs won't get out of mind.....I have a bad feeling about this.......I keep having nightmares that I'm paralyzed from procedure.....didn't feel this way about cervical scs.....I think im getting tired from... (18 replies)
... Hi Alix, First of all, I would try not to think of the worst possible scenario, though we always do. Perhaps your supervisor/investigators are people who understand something about addiction & alcoholism, so many of us are addicts or know people, family, friends that are. Most companies, I would think, value good employees and if you were sick with another type of disease... (20 replies)
... I began taking vicodin almost 2 years ago due to a broken leg. I have been hooked ever since. I take them to get high, I take about 3-4 per day, 5 days a week. I take them along with about 4-5 drinks (vodka and 7up). I have several question. I need to stop and I plan on today being my last day. I stopped about few months ago for over 6 weeks and after a few days I felt... (4 replies)
... drink coffee not redbull and other energy drinks. its wayyyy cheaper. i get a massive headache and feel like im about to die if i dont have caffene everyday. if i dont have time for a cofee or just cant be bothered in just put 3 teaspoons of coffee in a glass and add about 20ml of water stir it then "shot" it like you would with vodka. ive been laughed at many times and even... (3 replies)
... You say tomato and I say... It doesn't matter. It's not going to get or keep anyone clean and/or sober. (19 replies)
... see where this is going. The drinking has ramped up a bit here and there, but was always there. I wasnt till the last year that I drank pretty much every day. Vodka was my thing. Drank it like water. My habit usually turned on after work and rarely ever started early. Last month has been bad. ... (1 replies)
... ounces of Vodka every day. I only eat 1 time a day, for the most part, but I only just realized that I might have an addiction problem the last few weeks. ... (4 replies)
... Venus21, you are close to making the right choice. I have struggled with a similar decision for almost 1 year now. I used to look at these boards to get advice on tapering and how bad the withdrawals will be. At first, it frightened me, so I kept using. The problem with these opiates is the fast pace by which your body develops tolerance. You will find the need to steadily... (14 replies)

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