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... Your behaviour seems to be additive and you appear to be in active addiction!!! You can try and look at this reason and that reason and some may be reasonable, but ultimately I image that you have a broader additive life style if you look at it. I used to smoke a lot of pot and when I went without; I'd drink or pop pills etc. So really the addiction ran deep for me and... (9 replies)
... Some people just don't understand the seduction of a prescription bottle for some. Like I am sure you can keep a bottle of Vodka in the house or some Bailey's or whatever and not even think twice about it. You know what I mean? ... (15 replies)
For JKhopeful...
Apr 18, 2006
... My original drug or choice was alcohol. I started sneaking drinks about the age of 14. My sister and I would get into the vodka bottle, get buzzed and then make sure we filled it back up to where it was with water so we wouldn't get caught. ... (6 replies)

... A few years ago, when my wife cheated on me and my family fell apart, I met a new love, heroin. I did it for a year untill I decided that the daily chase to be normal and not high was not for me. I made the worst mistake in my life by going to the methdone clinic. Well, 1 year and 140mgs/day later, I finally got fed up with all the side affects and the fear of the final... (2 replies)
... yeah i just want to emphasize what someone had said in a prev reply, dont switch alcohol for pills, thats EXACTLY what i did. i was drinking a pint of vodka daily for a yearand a half, went thru withdwaels got hospitalized, still continued drinking for a couple months though not quite as heavily until i started using hydros, then i stopped drinking, it was easy. then i got... (6 replies)
... drink coffee not redbull and other energy drinks. its wayyyy cheaper. i get a massive headache and feel like im about to die if i dont have caffene everyday. if i dont have time for a cofee or just cant be bothered in just put 3 teaspoons of coffee in a glass and add about 20ml of water stir it then "shot" it like you would with vodka. ive been laughed at many times and even... (3 replies)
... In the last 6 months, my alcohol usage has skyrocketet. It came to a point where I was drinking a bottle of vodka over the course of the day, but I quickly wised up and am now trying to stop drinking. ... (1 replies)
Looking for help
Feb 27, 2006
... or whole gallon of vodka and a 2 litre of squirt. If anyone can please tell me what there is for the horrible wd he goes through. I would appreciate it. ... (3 replies)
... I have read many posts here lately about alcoholism. I am the product of an alcoholic, Bi Polar father. I would like to share a very personal portion of my journal with this group. (The following happened frequently to my brother and I between the ages of 1 1/2 yrs -6 yrs of age. I am now 25yrs. This was written OCT 11 2003) ...He was and still is my worst nightmare.... (33 replies)
... your lucky you didn't go into shock or have a anerism. drinking is one thing but drinking and taking pills is a sure fire way to wake up a stiff. obviously you being a minor you shouldn't be drinking at all or popping pills. go to the doctor and be thankful for the life you almost wasted. (4 replies)
Jonim How are you?
Jan 13, 2006
... I am working towards handing that bottle of vodka to my friend still, but i don't feel ready to do it yet. ... (18 replies)
... He is an alcoholic. He used to drink about 1 quart of vodka a day. He was hospitalized 7 times over the course of 5 yrs for pancreatitis. The doctors said he would get diabetes if he didn't stop. ... (7 replies)
... Hey Kiddo... Just got back on, read your previous posts...try to do the following for your self: You said that you can't stand yourself, this is going to take awhile to work on, but I promise you that your drinking has allot to do with your downward spiral. Granted, you were depressed before you started, but this is just making it worse. Please empty the bottle right... (29 replies)
... I really am grateful for your replies but i think i should point out that my drinking started before i began uni and i would also like to say that i have done my very best to get involved with groups of people and take part in activities. That actually went against me as i couldn't keep up with anything and ended up having to leave, just making me feel like a failure.i'm... (29 replies)
... Hello, i'm new here, and was wondering if anybody could help me out. I have been suffering with Depression and anxiety for about 8 months now, and in June i started to drink to 'help' with the problems i was having. I had never drank before then, it never interested me and there were problems in my family because of it, which kind of put me off. I started drinking wine and... (29 replies)
... obably won't have any major withdrawl physically. Those horror stories about withdrawl are mainly people who drink all day long like my brother in law who drinks vodka from the time he gets up in the morning until he goes to sleep at night. When he tried quitting he shook so much he chipped his teeth. ... (5 replies)
... y beloved pain pills. Finally it reached a point in the last few years where I was taking an average of 15 a day, but more like 20...and I washed them down with vodka tonics. I guess because I had a lot of suicidal ideation, I knew the risks I was taking, but I didn't care... ... (11 replies)
... Thanks everyone for all of the advice.....This whole site has been a life saver for me through all of this, its given me information and a place to talk to people who arent here to judge, just to share their stories. My husband has now been off the Vicodin for 2 weeks, the hardest part was him going back to work and me not having any idea if he is really choosing to not use... (7 replies)
... Worried Mommy, As i had said already, only YOU know what is best to do for YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN. I was trying to be a bit open minded and hoping for the best but so it seems it is quite obvious the "bottle in the garbage" is his. Seeing how he recently has been "behaving" himself maybe this is just the very beginning of another one of his drinking binges, so hopefully... (7 replies)
... Great story and advice Tina. You are a great asset to the board!! Lots of wonderful insight and experience to share. Hang in there girl. We'll be here for you. (7 replies)

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