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Need input
Sep 13, 2003
... was just let out a couple of weeks ago and again is living with our mom. Again she asked him not to drink and when she come home Thursday night he was wasted on Vodka yelling at her and what not. She was very upset but didnt throw him out of the house. ... (6 replies)
... root, good luck with the taper. sounds like the right steps, just dont drop too much at a time (but i cant offer any info, never tapered). your mind/heart's in the right place, and you will feel much better when this is said and done. i have used something or other for 12-13 years, but only this last year did i start using enough (actually too much) of opiates to get... (68 replies)
... term vicoprofen use. after the 1st week, i slept for 2 hours a night, then none the next, then the next night i drank some vodka and slept good. ... (22 replies)

... WOW ... And I thought I was the only one. I rarely drink more than 2-3 drinks a night (vodka + flavored water), but I just can't seem to give them up. I get very depressed even at the thought of giving them up. It's like the only thing I have to look forward to all day. Hmmmmm ... Seeing that last sentence in writing really speaks volumes, doesn't it? I think I have a lot... (13 replies)
Lucky NA vs AA??
Aug 25, 2003
... ow that many other's around the room not only can be sympathetic, but they KNOW because they did it too. Just like when someone talks about drinking 2 fifths of vodka a day, and blacking out at work, and getting five DUI's... ... (14 replies)
... i'd like to try the catapres patch, but i cant go to the E.R.'s around here, i have to go there once every few months when i injure my back from trying to do yardwork or standing/sitting too long. i dont have $ for a doc, until my hearing for disability. my parents were kind enough to take me back in after my injuries (they insisted) but now since my mother passed away a... (9 replies)
... ithout Ativan for at least 4 days. I have heard people here say it takes at least a week to sleep normal and a month or more to get your daytime energy back. The vodka didnt work? ... (9 replies)
... i drank a little vodka today, and took an anxiaty pill before trying to sleep. i felt better from the alcohol but still no sleep. ... (9 replies)
... the vodka does seem to help. it made my stomach cramp back up, but the pepto is still controlling that. ... (12 replies)
... Ewwww Vodka...just kidding I guess you have to use what you have. Be careful of your stomach though I would suggest Zantac 75 or Pepcid Ac for before you eat maybe. I know moneys tight trust me I know the feeling about that. I am just throwing ideas at ya incase you have some of the stuff I mention laying around. You are doing great though. You are thinking of stuff to help... (12 replies)
... Hi all...been lurking on these boards for awhile and decided I might as well start posting and get to know you all. :) I'm 18 now...first drug I tried was pot when I was aboug 15. Went downtown to buy it...was so excited to come home and smoke it on my own. From then I went to smoking more and more first on the weekends I would get extremely stoned and... (3 replies)
... e of the lack of alchy's that come here. Besides a heroin addict, I too am a moderate drinker. My withdrawals were no joke though, my DOC "DRINK" of choice was vodka and OJ and i'd probably do the 750ml bottle a day. ... (14 replies)
... Ok seriously Rif,do you think all addicts are stupid? Obviously!!!! Hey,did you know Vodka,Jack Daniels,Campari,Everclear,Crown Royal and Tequilla all contain ALCOHOL!!!!!! Which can also seriously damage your liver!! What a revelation...Thank-you...just call me Einstein!! (17 replies)
Addiction and Age
Jul 14, 2003
... Sincerely but not stupid: As promised, I'll try to answer your questions but since I don't have your post in front of me maybe it's best to just elaborate on what I said. You said I may not be the typical addict--that's part of my confusion. I take one benzo, Klonopin .5 when I feel very anxious (no more than 2 per day so far). I also take about 5 vicodin 7.5 per day as... (5 replies)
... In Sweden it is illegal to serve someone a vodka and redbull yet in Switzerland and Belgium the Red Bull there is far superior in terms of the drugs it has in it. ... (4 replies)
... Don't come here very often.... I used to have a big addiction to vicodin/oxycontin several years ago. I stopped, but was taking a controlled amount of darvons each day -- they didnt seem to grab their hooks in me like vicodins did. Lately ... I have been very depressed; lonely; sad ... and been feeling the need to "escape" myself, the feelings, the day. I went back to... (19 replies)
... ED me, knowing it was in there. I ended up drinking it this weekend, and so far this week I've had an easier time not thinking about it. So definately keep the vodka OUT of the house. ... (25 replies)
... Good morning Sue, I applaud you and your husbands decision. Your children will ever be so thankful to you all for quitting. My DOC was beer or wine. I'd let vodka, whiskey, rum, etc sit and rot. Wouldn't touch them. I only drank wine at home because I would get so drunk I couldn't function in public but I drink gallons of beer and maintain most of the night. I also... (25 replies)
... Should have put this in my other post.... Is there any real danger to drinking (scotch or vodka) IN MODERATION while taking Soma, Vicodin, or Valium? Or do they put the label on the bottles because alcohol could just intensity the affect? I feel like a drink would relax me - and my doctor has constantly told me that my back pain will always be worse when I am tense... ... (2 replies)
Feb 6, 2002
... Hi everyone! Just wanted to give my love to everyone who isn't clean and wants to be, and everyone who is clean to stay on the right track. Here is a little bit of my story-- I am 19 years old. when I was about 16, I would sleepover at my friend's house every weekend. I would drink there every time drinking a small flask size bottle of Vodka. I would drink the whole bottle.... (7 replies)

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