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... drinking a gallon of vodka a day. ... (27 replies)
... Hello david82165, You've stated that drinking with regularity was your M.O. but didn't say the duration(weeks,months,years)of use. I'm glad you stopped and the thing to do now is get a complete physical(including lab work) from your general practitioner. Without knowing your complete history,it's impossible to pinpoint the problem. I could throw out a plethora of... (2 replies)
... hard to stop, and that the physical need for it can be very real. I have now been 3 days sober, and hope to make it a permanent change. I use to drink scotch, or vodka daily and often times very heavily. I will keep you in my prayers and hope that you succeed in your battle. ... (4 replies)

... shots of scotch or vodka a night. I have stopped for the past 3 days and notice by stoumach is more bloated and I way more. ... (2 replies)
... Hi everyone. I have a 38 year old brother who was diagnosed with end stage cirrhosis 5 months ago. He spent 5 weeks in the hospital - 3 in ICU - and had every terrible complication liver failure causes - jaundice, acites, confusion, bleeding from throat, blood in urine and stool, platlet problems, and on and on and on. Backing up - He's been drinking since he was about... (5 replies)
... Hello Julie, It would surprise me if the doctor's didn't suggest the possibility of a liver transplant.If they place her on the list now,she may be able to receive a transplant. I would take the physician's information as gospel,unless you want to get a second opinion. The doctor's check her medical history,meds used,etc. and then give their prognosis based upon the... (2 replies)
... my couisin drinks a 5th of vodka or more daily. she has been in the hosital over a week with the symtons of liver failure. ... (2 replies)
... That sounds alot like my husband years ago. He would go for days not eating just drinking Vodka, & Gin. We have been together 25 yrs. now and he is still alive only by the Grace of GOD. He has been thru several rehabs and none of them worked for very long. Mine also walked funny for yrs. He even walked wide-legged because that's the only way he could walk at the time. He would... (8 replies)
... :wave: (8 replies)
... esteem which has greatly escalated the problem. In the past few months, he has been drinking vodka and beer from the time he wakes up until he goes to sleep. He has also been heavily medicating himself on the above drugs. ... (2 replies)
... I have been with my boyfriend for over 4 years and we have lived together ever since. When we met we both liked to drink together and have fun, but now it has gotten worse. There was a time in the past when we were drunk and I slapped him and he choked me. I had a restraining order put on him, but he cried and became depressed. I felt bad so I went back to him. We constantly... (4 replies)
... n a friends new custom car shop, so I am keeping busy working there 12 hours a day ... still noticing when I do go out I am binge drinking a bit. I usually drink vodka on the rocks because It takes soooo much for me to even get a buzz but by that time, I don't even notice I am drunk and just keep going. ... (94 replies)
... Drinking any amount from one glass a year to 2 litres of vodka a day is too much, but also not enough. ... (7 replies)
Day 1
Mar 18, 2011
... Hi Musicman, I am glad you are sticking with it. Yes kicking cold comes with alot of depression and self loathing at times, especially when you relaspse....I did last week! I took 30 ea 5 mg of oxys in 3 days( didnt snort them, so that was different) and add vodka (bad combo)...oh Boy!!!!! I am paying for it! Yes the relapse withdrawals are worse. Because of last thursday... (28 replies)
... hello homie. how are you? Sounds like you suffer big time. how were you injured??? are you really going to Germany to do the Ketamine thing. I have read about that. I am not sure it is so safe. But suffering and suffering being so young(i'm about your age also so i can relate). so what I mean having 20-30 more years to live suffering is not life. You have been waiting to... (18 replies)
... hey homue2011 nope not here for my abuse. never did methadone. just followed you, i am one of the people who know all to well that he/she has an addictive personality. my later youth is proof, my sstr did lotsa drugs many years mthr and fthr loved alcohol , same as my sister, brothers and cousins, i was the one that had an awakening and realized it. so since i followed you... (18 replies)
... kim, i am worried for u girl. i don't want u to do anything crazy. have you ever had the nerves burned? that coma thing sounds scary! i just thought the scs was terrible, the other sounds horrible. my problems are very minimal compared to yours. I wonder if the pills would be the lesser evil than all of those invasive procedures. but it is your decision to make and u... (18 replies)
... Oxygirl..... scs is second to last resort...the next treatment is ketamine coma (been on the germany waiting list 3 more years). They are doing ketamine infusions in the states but not as good as coma method..... Wanting to be knocked out like a that's desperate...lmao Peace Kim (18 replies)
... Painman.. I know why you are here, now...are you still on methadone and oxys? How odd...why don't pain patients get high? If we might be worth it.....when I tell people that...I get the rollg of eyes. (18 replies)
... Thanks painman (what are you doing here in addiction?) And both are right. Would love to post more but just don't have it in me....rsd is raging & the scs won't get out of mind.....I have a bad feeling about this.......I keep having nightmares that I'm paralyzed from procedure.....didn't feel this way about cervical scs.....I think im getting tired from... (18 replies)

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