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... no death homie! we need u here to help keep us an everyone else going. I understand about the scs though. it is kind of like the last resort. I just wanted to make u awre of what my mama went through. it was awful. i hope urs does well. everyone is different u know. have u ever tried cymbalta? it is an antidepressent that has a mild stimulant in it. sounds crazy... (18 replies)
... hey sweety. I dont like talk like that.. we need you to stay strong we need you to help yourself as you help us . i have seen some of the advice you give and it is i ask you do the same..death isnt the answer its an easy way out and even then there is no could be even worse than what you feel now..if you can i suggest that you find a way to go some... (18 replies)
... and I crave beer and vodka I see a beer and I wanna pop one open at 6 am......weird I am giving in a lil to tempation..... ... (2 replies)

... you know the sad thing? Is I'm gettinguess my second scs on monday..I g uess we get desperate & will try next step is death....9 yrs later.....what's left? (18 replies)
... Hey Homie, I know you don't want to use the opiates and believe me I wish nobody had to. But please read as much as u can about the spinal cord stimulator because my mama had the trial one in and it worked great and then when they put the permanent one in it was HORRIBLE! It would shock her and the thing had to be adjusted several times. We finally figured that the leads... (18 replies)
... No not scared to abuse......I don't want to go back....only forward and opiates are wheeling backwards...I don't want opiates abusing me. (18 replies)
... over 3 years now but I slipped back into pain killers. Started with Percocets and started moving up. Same as before. I started shooting up OC's even shooting up Vodka lol. Got a DUI that day. I realized the track I was on would end up leading to Heroin once again and got on Suboxone at that point. ... (71 replies)
... Not looking forward to that huh? Scared to abuse? (18 replies)
... I saw my dr last week and he warned me that if after spinal cord stim....if I'm not doing well back on opiates...oh god! (18 replies)
... tnx homie! (18 replies)
... Hey that's what I did for the 2 years I was away from Oxy. Drank heavy to kill the nerve pain a bit...didn't work nearly as good but needed something. Happy to say I'm back on the oxy and everything is in total control. Not making the same mistake as the first time and going way overboard. Sucks when you like a drug very much, but it's the same drug that enables you get... (18 replies)
... Thank you both and everyone else for the messages! Wow. A bit freaked out at the moment. :( (10 replies)
... bless her heart i do believe she was a wee bit intoxicated when posting this. lol. keep on the road kim u can do it! (18 replies)
... Not serious right? Maybe just been drinking a bit? (18 replies)
... chances for withdrawl, seizures or worse. I used to do the same and had a seizure from hell. Then again my habit was a lot more severe, after drinking a liter of vodka I would take around 12mg of xanax the next morning. ... (10 replies)
... last night my girlfriend and I split a bottle of 42proof vodka. She had 3 shots, and i had 4.5. Around 8 this morning, i woke up with diarrhea, and began vomiting shortly after. Later, she, too began to feel the effects. Now i cant even hold water down, and i am slowly dehydrating, while my body dry-heaves bile. please help (1 replies)
... benzos, alchol, add meds, and pain killers. i drank right when i woke up today. i never thought i would be a morning drinker again but here i am. drinking vodka at 6am. rehab, and detox are not a option where i live and because of lack of funds. it's going to be a tapering, just like before. ... (9 replies)
... weeks. He has not eaten any thing in 4 days. He is drinking vodka straight, sometimes with a small amout of water added. ... (8 replies)
... d think they would be for an alcoholic. A lot of people would think that these relapses would be extreme from the start, like someone going and buying a liter of vodka and downing the entire thing in one evening. Sure this happens but it's not always the case. ... (12 replies)
Am I An Alcoholic?
May 14, 2010
... of a litre of rum or vodka in one session and be drunk, but not totally trashed to the point of being sick. ... (10 replies)

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