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... my friend is an alcoholic, he and one of our friends hung out yesterday and she said he was drinking vodka all day, did ecstasy and still wanted more, and was just being real gross about it, neither of us had any idea he had a problem but anyway... ... (3 replies)
... Hi There Well, Alix, we do indeed live and learn. I honestly had never heard of a tapering from alcohol before. I did some research and sure enough, I read about the tapering to prevent seizures from sudden withdrawal of alcohol. Are you on a steady measured reduction? I am curious about this. I can understand your partners anger, but I can also understand your hurt.... (20 replies)
... Hi Alix, the world seems a lot more friendly right now than it did just a fews days back, huh? Smiles. I am so glad that so much determination is showing to pick yourself up and get on with it all in style. I think that behind every single person who abuses drugs or alcohol or whatever it may be, there is deep pain that has been lingering unresolved. What lies in our... (20 replies)

... Reach, Your response really touched me. Thankyou so much for taking the time to give me some support. Today was a toughie. I took a valium last night because I knew I wouldn't sleep and ended up spending the majority of the day in a zombie state. Going to try and use them as a very last resort from now. Got something positive to look forward to in the morning (it's 01:45... (20 replies)
... Hi Alix Great to hear you have started a course in early childhood education and care! It will be a great focus for you. It is such a goof thing that you stayed the course and worked with the kids today even though the mind wanted you to head home for a drink. Alix, this is exactly what we need to do when the urges hit.... put them on the back burner and focus on... (20 replies)
... Hey Reachout, Thanks for getting back to me. You're right, seeing my DRs is a positive thing and I'll b sure to keep seeing them both. Had a telephone appt with my therapist this afternoon and that went well, he's pleased I'm cutting down and using the meds I've been given to help. Had a blip today though. I do voluntary work 3 days a week as part of the uni course I've... (20 replies)
... Hi Alix It is good to see the intentions to move forward. Smiles. A big 'Atta Girl' to you. Whether by choice or not, time is available now to work on you. I think it is a really positive thing continuing to see both of your doctors. Use this time wisely to settle the issues in the mind and find peace again in your life. Keep in touch with sharing the progress. All... (20 replies)
... welcome, this is a great step in alternative support. my drug of choice has always been alcohol. i started going aa 15 years ago. although i have had slips i have stayed sober most of the time. 3 years ago the craving to drink became out of control, i became a slave to my obsession to drink. nothing seemed to help. finally i went to the doctor and was put on... (15 replies)
... Awwww, thanks everyone. That means a lot. Well, I made it to the Drs. He's put me on anti-biotics for the chest infection I've got, fluoxetine for my anxiety/depression and valium to try and control my craving for booze. Lets see how this goes. Worse thing was having to pay over 20 for it all. Can't afford that, totally skint now. I see him again in 2 weeks. Still seeing... (20 replies)
... When one door slams shut another door will open. You will get thru all of this! Many positive thoughts being sent your way!! (20 replies)
... I'm really sorry to hear they let you go instead of giving you some type of warning and requiring you to go for treatment. I'm an HR person here in the US and the labor and employment laws may be different. But, if you belong to a union, can't they file a grievance on your behalf for the company to give you a lesser form of disciplinary action? Depending upon how the... (20 replies)
... Oh well, got the sack. Can't talk much atm. Put my case across and explained about all the work I'm doing to get better. Made no difference. Thanks again for all your support. Will be back when I feel better. x (20 replies)
... Reach, I can't thank you enough for your reply. You've helped me calm myself down like you could never believe. Going to go into my interview and lay my cards on the table and hope the boss is sympathetic. Will let you know how it goes. Again, thankyou. It means so much to know there are others out there that understand. xxx (20 replies)
... Hello Alix I know this is a truly upsetting situation. No doubt I would be upset also; any of us would. What I wanted to share with you is that my husband was a manager for a large government facility. He dealt at times with employees who came in rip-roaring drunk as well as employees he caught smoking weed on the floor. As with you, the first step was always to... (20 replies)
... Only 13 and a bit hours now until my interview and I'm terrified. Got a friend coming over for a few hours before and seeing my GP first thing to talk about things and hopefully get some help but I'm still terrified about what's going to happen. Any kind words people? I know I don't deserve anything but a hug would be good. Can't believe I've got myself in this mess. I'm so... (20 replies)
... Just a quick update. I have my interview with the big-bad boss on Wednesday afternoon. Being investigated for attending work in a condition that could jeapordise the license of the business (its an off-licence) and being in a condition that could jeapordise the health and safety of myself and my co-workers. Totally holding my hands up to this. I was so out of line, what... (20 replies)
... Thanks Denon. All I can do is tell the truth and hope they give me another chance. Will let you know how it goes. xxx (20 replies)
... Sorry to hear about your situation. I think if your plea your case as your did here they will realize that you are sincere in keeping your job and realize that your screwed up. Be honest with them. Good Luck!! (20 replies)
... Kew, Thankyou so much for your response. You're right and I'm treating this a the wake-up call it surely is. Scared myself senseless and I'll do anything I'm asked to do to keep my job. Just so ashamed of myself for letting my boss down. Biggest hurdle of all was overcome tonight though. Told my Mum all about it. She was amazing as expected. Hoping to get a call tomorrow... (20 replies)
... Hi Alix, First of all, I would try not to think of the worst possible scenario, though we always do. Perhaps your supervisor/investigators are people who understand something about addiction & alcoholism, so many of us are addicts or know people, family, friends that are. Most companies, I would think, value good employees and if you were sick with another type of disease... (20 replies)

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