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... Hi-- I am new and have a question that is going to appear very naive: Six months ago I discovered some disturbing material my husband had squirreled away in the attic. I won't go into detail on this post, but the entire confrontation ended with him seeking psychological help and being diagnosed with OCD and PTSD. At the time I discovered the other material, I also... (3 replies)
... Congratulations Marilyn! That is great! It sounds similar to how I was. A while back I was drinking a liter of vodka a day and hiding it. No one knew, not even my husband, then eventually he found out. ... (6 replies)
... WOW - Kemarus, that was quite a post. I so hope that Wis reads your history so she can get a picture of what can happen to the kids. They are always affected by these issues. I can relate to the different phases we go through with this dreaded problem. It's like a grieving process. I've spent the last 25 years trying to do things better, to make him happy. My hurt... (5 replies)

... xt day! He is also having some dizziness which he claims is just an allergy problem...I wonder....alcohol comsumption has also increases to just under a pint of vodka before dinner every day. ... (5 replies)
... osing all my resolve. I feel like if I don't take the vicodins I'll go get a drink. Yeah, the other thing I never mentioned on here. I used to drink a pint of vodka a day, in secret. Then my husband found out and I quit drinking. On my own I might add. That's what made me think I could do this. ... (3 replies)
What do I do
Jul 1, 2008
... of a handle of vodka and a couple beers. ... (6 replies)
... of vodka a day. My weight had fallen dramatically and people around me thought I was going to die. ... (24 replies)
... Hi Well i've quit before for as long as 5 months & drank socialy for years & not in excess, but recently & many times before i've drank to excess, especially whilst being on my own & having not much self confidence. Drinking with mates & alone too. Recently it's been drinking alone, a fiew strong lagers, a bottle of wine & some whiskey or vodka each night just to feel normal... (2 replies)
In a lot of pain
Apr 11, 2008
... Hi Mike, i'm Aaron and Im an alcoholic. My drinking career lasted 21 years or so. in my early 20's I began to drink heavily, mostly 100 proof vodka, a pint per night and a fifth or two on weekends. After a broken marriage I finally realizeed I needed to stop. I had many failures. Of course every time I stopped Id go through the DT's. I finally ended up in the hospital... (5 replies)
... Angie and Krissy, Angie, thanks for sharing part of your story. Yes, we are very alike in our drinking careers. About a year and a half ago, I detoxed from alcohol at home, by myself, my husband was in Boston. Very bad idea. I had all the symptoms you discribed along with audio and visual halucinations (sp). Scarey stuff. This time, I knew I could not detox at... (6 replies)
... (((Krissy and Marilyn))) It is amazing that you both share my same story :( Especially what you described Marilyn---I was soooo much like that. My poison was the cheap vodka, thinking that it would not be as damaging as the 80 proof garb. Right---a toxin is a toxin. Taking that one drink sent me into a 3-4 day binge, too afraid of getting sober for how sick I would... (6 replies)
... I am a 45 yr. old woman, in good health. For the past six months, or so, I have been drinking between 8 and 16 oz a day of 28% alcohol liqueur (after-dinner drinks). I am guessing that 3 shots of the liqueur equals one real drink of vodka, or whatever. So I have been drinking about 3-5 'drinks' a day. Before this, I did not drink at all. I read about DT's, and it... (1 replies)
... dging you. They all have compassion and can relate to you. I had a friend who has hep c and was a heroin addict, then went on methadone and detoxed off that with vodka and pot, then went to aa and he is the happiest and healthiest Ive ever seen him. He is in his 50's now too. His hep c doenst show up anymore. ... (8 replies)
The shakes
Jan 14, 2008
... This was not a medical question. My husband drinks vodka straight so I know he has a drinking problem. My issue was how long has he had this problem. ... (4 replies)
The shakes
Jan 13, 2008
... If a person wakes up in the morning and his hands are shaking, does this mean he has had a drinking problem for a very long time? I know my husband has a drinking problem although he minimizes his usage but sometimes he shakes. Hi drink of choice is straight vodka. Is this a reaction from his body telling him he needs a drink? By the way, he is 53 and refuses to get... (4 replies)
Advise Please.
Jan 13, 2008
... Hi. I have a brother who is 33 and is an alcoholic and cocaine user. I do not know how often he uses cocaine but he uses alcohol probably every day. After he gets drunk at night I have seen him drink again (vodka) in the morning. I'm pretty sure this all started as a teenager. I think he has been using cocaine for 5 years. He also spends money like crazy. He is the nicest... (5 replies)
... and a 200 from my sister and snorted the 25, saving the 200 for new years. Stole muscle relaxers and pain killers from her and my mom. Been hiding a bottle a vodka between my mattresses and guzzeling that. WHAT do I do? ... (0 replies)
... I'm glad your friends know what is happening. Hopefully these are friends who are supportive of your recovery. As for benzos relieving opiate withdrawal, hmmmmm ... I tried and realized that, for me, I could be addicted to almost any substance that made me feel good. It didn't work for me. I wound up on benzos and opiates and yes, both were being rx'd by my pain... (12 replies)
Nov 13, 2007
... I used to find myself drinking for no reason or for any reason. I drank for the effect. In other words I wanted to get wasted and get away from myself. I couldn't stand to be in my own skin. It only took me one year of drinking before I realized I might have a problem and only 9 years after that to quit. I will have 8 years sober in April. For me there was no... (3 replies)
... Hey vdub The reason i asked what mg is because my friend jumped from methadone at 40mgs. He said he didnt sleep for 30 days-- the only thing he took for help was vodka and pot-- but he got better and is doing fine now living a happy spiritual drug an alcohol free life! It only gets better! (21 replies)

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