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You do sound as though you may have adrenal insufficiency. And you say you had a salivary cortisol level done and it was low? Even more reason to be concerned.

I had adrenal insufficiency and I was always needing to drink water-all the time. So, craving water is not only a symptom that one gets from diabetes.

And, you do not need to be severely ill and die within months to have Addison's disease. You may have a more mild case and perk along like that for years.

If I were you, I would see an endocrinologist. I realize that you don't have health insurance, but you may as well start off with the one doctor that you need rather than paying one to start off with, who then sends you to an endocrinologist.

If you feel that you must see an internist first, or an endocrinologist simply won't see you unless you are referred by another doctor, call the internist's office and ask ahead of time whether the doctor is comfortable diagnosin and treating Addison's disease, and then maybe you will just need to see him or her.

It won't help you any to be seen in an emergency room because you will need to be given something and then have blood tests the next morning.

I should add a few more things.:

As someone else said, not everyone has darkened skin with adrenal deficiency.

Also, you could have diabetes, as the urge to eat and drink could indicate that.

And, it's not impossible that all of this could stem from Lyme Disease. Not everyone that has this has a rash that they noticed. Especially if you live in an area where Lyme is common, you should be tested.

And bear in mind that tests are often negative initially and become positive weeks later.

Good luck to you.

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