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But I think I may have addisons. Can anyone help me to see if I should talk to my doctor?

I'm 35, 5'5", 115lbs.
I have a 2.5 year old and I thought many of my issues were due to pregnancy, but they are persisting (Loss of libido and hyperpigmentation on my face.)

I have always been a very heavy sleeper (I can "wake up" and talk but I wont remember because I never actually woke up) and sleep 8-10 hours but still wake up tired. This has been getting worse and worse every year recently. I do every thing I can to motivate and get what I need to get done for my son and then pass out. My husband has to wake me up more and more often to eat dinner because I'm out before that happens. I am a high school teacher and its much worse during the school year.

I have also always had bad mood swings and irritability but now I'm also easily frustrated and just plain stupid and easily confused too.

I have been known to get shaky when I haven't eaten but its happening when I get upset too or stressed too.

I have been diagnosed with manic depression and ADD but I didn't like the way the meds made me feel so I stopped treatment because it didn't seem right.

I tend to loss weight during the school year then put it back on during the summer. But before I was pregnant I would bounce between 120-135, now at the summers end I'm 116 from 112 lbs. I was 170 lbs after giving birth and lost weight at a normal rate but I never tried to loss the weight (no exercising or dieting).

My blood pressure has always been on the low average side and my resting pulse rate is between 80-90. My cholesterol ratio is low average. Despite all the junk I eat with no exercise.

I eat fatty salty sugary foods as a many part of my diet so may people say that I have a fat kid inside of me or a hollow leg. I try to do cardio but give up because it makes me feel woozy and I don't want to get hurt.

I got a series of colds that led to sinusitis at the beginning of this year. My throat swelled with fluid and I could talk. I was in so much pain and antibiotics were not working. I finally went to urgent care and they gave me a steroid shot and put me on oral steroids for a couple weeks and I got better for a bit then started dragging again.

Last week I had 3 glasses of wine (I rarely drink) over 6 hours. I never felt drunk but the next morning I woke up sick to my stomach and shaking a lot. I tried drinking water and eating toast but it came up. All I wanted was junk food so I ate a hamburger and started feeling better. Two days later we were getting mexican food after a day at the zoo and I got the shakes in the restaurant and it wasn't cold in there.

My mother in law seemed concerned so I started looking at the internet :( . Everything I looked at led me to Addisons.

Should I talk to my doctor or will they just brush me off?

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