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Hi, I am new here, actually new to any message boards like this. I was wondering if anyone could help me with some insight on some test results. I have been sick for a few years. Lately I have lost a lot of weight, low BP, extreme fatigue, along with many other symptoms that go along with adrenal issues.
on 7/7/15 I did ACTH stimulation test
Cortisol AM baseline was 3.3
after 30 min it was 14.3
on 7/13/15
Cortisol AM of 2.6
ACTH of 8.6
Cortisol AM 5.7
ACTH 5.8
Dr finally sent me to an Endocrinologist and he wanted to do the Low dose Cortisol stimulation test. The medicine was given to me through IV over 2 min.
My baseline Cortisol was 4
ACTH was 10
at 30 min Cortisol was 11.8
at 60 min it was 10.4.
I am really unsure about the Dr. as he does not have very good reviews. I understand that no one can give me a diagnosis, but does this seem like there might be something going on in the Adrenal area?

Thanks for you help

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