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This week I received my blood work results.... It's was diagnosed I have rheumatoid arthritis however the dr said he cannot put me on a low dose prednisone to help with the RA since my cortisol levels were so low! He is testing me for Addison's since I guess you can't take prednisone if you have Addison's! I'm just confused at this point! I have to go back weds for some test where they give you a shot and test ur blood a few times. Just wondering if these are some symptoms of Addison's disease.... EXHAUTION . Tiredness so bad that I can sleep for 18 hours and still be tired! I was never like this! I'm only 27 and I'm very scared this is what could be my problem! Sometimes I feel like a fog almost like I'm just dreaming and not really here I guess.... I have just a very un sell feeling! I'm very scared so any advice would be great!

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