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Hi there, how are we all today?

As the title suggests, I am just wondering how long in between your starting dose did your doctor change it? I was diagnosed by an Endo who has on-referred me to another Endo who specialises in Addison's but there's a wait on being able to see him, I am unsure of the wait list as his reception weren't very forthcoming and just said he reads referrals on Tuesdays only (mine was sent last Tuesday so hoping he reads it today).

I started a week ago today on a low dose they didn't think would make any difference to me yet - which it hasn't. 25mg hydrocortisone in the morning and 15mg at night.

I guess I'm just stressing that the dosage should be going up maybe quicker than I am able to see the new Endo? Is anyone able to ease my mind please? I have only been diagnosed for a week and a half and my head is spinning.

Many thanks for your time!
Hello all, just wondering if anyone has any insight please? I am still waiting on my hospital appointment unfortunately and feeling so alone and overwhelmed at the moment :(

Many thanks!
Hi K,
Hope you have seen your endo by now. I was diagnosed last Easter (2016) and put on 10 mg hydrocortisone in the morning and 5mg at midday and 5mg at 4pm. I found that I was putting on weight.

I have since reduced my dose to 5mg on waking, 5 mg mid morning and 5mg after lunch. I feel fine on this - in fact better than on the higher dosage. My weight in now going down :-)

What the endo will say when I see him I dont know, but as doctors failed to diagnose me for over a year, I am going with my own instincts.

Hope this helps.


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