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Low on all hormones
Jan 11, 2017
But the DHAS and Cortisol are the ones that are troubling me. My first DHAS test was Dec 12 and the result was 31.1 (normal reference range is 60+). Testosterone was low (<5), but I am female so they say that's not a big deal. Prolactin was also slightly low but I'm done having kids so they say that's ok too. But my doc said to check with my endocrinologist about the DHAS, and I then got an ACHT stimulation test last week. They also measured all the other hormones again, and they were all low (even lower, in fact - maybe because this test was in the morning and the first one had been in the afternoon?). The cortisol results were: 4.99 at 0 minutes, 15.20 at 30 minutes, and 20.21 at 60 minutes.
My endo called me the next day and said those results are fine and show that i don't have either Addison's or Cushing's, but she recommends checking with my GYN about the other hormones. I feel like I'm being bounced around a bit, but I do want to get to the bottom of this. From what I've read on health sites including this board today, the normal baseline (starting) Cortisol level should be above 5 or 6, and is usually above 10. So at 4.99, I'm definitely on the low end. Why did my endo not mention that? And while the numbers more than doubled, they just barely got up to 20 after 60 minutes, so that's borderline as well, right?
What does all this mean? Do I generally have low cortisol in my blood (which could explain the extreme fatigue, right?), but when stimulated, I can get it going? I say that based both on the big jump in the numbers after the shot, as well as the fact that I have two small children and I CAN jump into action when needed but I do feel tired so much of the time.
Any thoughts or related experiences, either on the numbers of the Stim test or the low hormone levels in general?
BTW, I did fast for the test, and stopped taking my asthma inhaler for 48 hours prior (per endo's instructions) in case the cortisone in the inhaler would interfere with the test. Also, my thyroid levels have also been decreasing steadily over the past year - I had been on 112 mcg for years, and am now at 137 and the last test result showed I may need to up the meds again. So yes, very low on all hormones! :-(

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