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[QUOTE=Dragonfly Wings;5465315]Hey there,

I suffer from adrenal insufficiency/addison's and it doesn't appear you have anything to worry about with it being this. You would be incredibly unwell, especially in the fatigue department, this was one of my tell tale signs for my doctor to have me tested. Some days simply having a shower and getting dressed is so exhausting that I physically cannot do anything else all day. It's terrible :( Lucky it is quite a rare thing to have though so I do hope this is not it for you.

From what you are describing, it sounds more like an anxiety issue as a follow on from your panic attack, though I am no doctor of course. I just suffer from generalised anxiety disorder and understand just how much of a physical impact it can have on you.

Wishing you all the best!

You have no idea how comforting it is to hear that. I have been struggling bad lately. :( I have four kids and a full-time job, so things are stressful, but I keep up with things pretty well. Just today we had two dentist appointments, had to run to take my husband to get lunch, and I just got back from the grocery store... and now I'm working for a bit before going to get my husband from work.

I did go ahead and make an appointment for in the morning at the doctor. It's a fasting appointment, so I don't know if she will actually take blood or not, but at least going will put my mind at ease. I am also scheduled to start some anti-anxiety/depression meds this weekend, so it will be nice to get it out of the way and get a "fresh" start to all of this.

I did forget to mention that I seem to have some hypoglycemic episodes at times. I do pretty well eating every 2-3 hours, so I can keep things at bay... but with AD does the hypoglycemia hit regardless, or can AD sufferers keep it under control by eating right?

I don't have hyperpigmentation, but I have what I would call a "cafe au lait" spot (a little bigger than a quarter) on my right side, but I am pretty sure it's been there for years, so is that hyperpigmentation akin to AD? Or no? What exactly does the hyperpigmentation look like, and how many sufferers actually have the hyperpigmentation?

I am curious to know what's up with my blood pressure. It's always been very normal, around 120/80 (unless pregnant, then it's 140/90), so I don't have the high/low blood pressure, but when I get up in the mornings after laying down all night, I'm slightly unsteady for about 3-5 minutes... but I can't tell whether I'm being hyperaware, or if that's really a "problem" know what I mean?

Not asking for a diagnosis, but I definitely appreciate the input.

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