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I am 82 and have been primary Addisons Disease since 1956. This last summer I fell and fractured my pelvis and have been healing and slowly able to get around again with a walker and sometimes just a cane. My problem is that I lost lots of weight and height as I am osteoporosis and neuropathy as well as Hashimotos thyroiditis and diabetes mellitus. Some of my specialty docs I will be seeing in the next few months. Had doctors at the hospital and assisted living place for a few months. Bones are healing. No surgery required. I was on 25 mg of hydrocortisone and dropped back to my regular dose of 20 a couple weeks ago when I returned home. Staying the same on .1mg of fludrocortisone but tried a half more yesterday to get my blood pressure to stay up. Not sure it is helping so wonder if I should just handle the low pressure and high pulse with more hydro instead of fludro. I am eating well but not gaining weight. I tried Ensure Plus for awhile but it has lots of salt in it and my injured left ankle tends to swell up. Doctors are not helpful as they don't know. My blood work has been normal the last few times it has been done. I have some stress going on and that may be why I am not holding up so well. I may go back on more hydro and see if things normalize. Bone doctor said the bones would not be fully healed for another month or so. Lots of pain yet from neuropathy. Would appreciate some advice from folks who have Addisons or Adrenal Insufficiency. Thanks. Huey

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