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Hi everyone!

I was diagnosed with Addison's more than 10 years ago.

I've been on Cortisone Acetate (25 mg) since then. Now I have to replace it (it's no longer produced in our country) with Cortef (20 mg), which contains lactose. I have lactose (and gluten) intolerance (diagnosed 3 years ago, passed genetic tests), and I don't know what to do.

I'm also allergic to a lot of kinds of food (from oranges, meat and nuts to some medications, such as painkillers etc.), but ONLY several days (sometimes weeks) a month.

I'm afraid I might not feel well on Cortef.
Now I take 43,75 mg of Cortisone Acetate a day.
I'm right there with you...

I have Addison's and Celiac... It's a horrible combination.
I don't go to doctors and I don't take any prescriptions.
You have to refine your diet and personal habits as well as exercise a few times a week. Take DHEA and vitamins every day (B-Complex, C, D), amino acids (Tryptophan, Tyrosine)
Natural supplements like Rhodiola, Ashwaghanda, Ginseng, and Schilajit can help your adrenals manage cortisol a lot. You need to cycle these so you don't get used to them.
Be sure to buy quality vitamins and supplements from respected brands. And of course make sure they are gluten free.

Certain foods can trigger an adrenal episode. Like coffee and Black tea

I highly recommend the book [U]Adrenal Fatigue[/U] by James L. Wilson

Do a lot of your own research. Doctors are often not helpful and most don't know anything about nutritional healthcare.

I hope this helps.

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