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I have enjoyed the recent discussion concerning Prednisone. It's a powerful medicine. However, although I've had Addison's since I was 18 (21 years now) I have always been taking Hydrocortisone instead. And of course Florinef (fludrocortisone). I am treated through the VA (Veterans Administration) and they often don't use the same meds as is commonly used in the commercial medical field. I am wondering if there are others who are taking Hydrocortisone and have taken it for so long.

My concern: over the years as a new doc would studying me they would comment about my bone health. Now my sister has been pushing me to get a Bone Density test. I guess this is a really strong steriod and it may cause me problems some time. Any thoughts or ideas? Thank you.

Also: Over the years I have also taken a Cortisone Acetate instead of Hydrocortisone. The VA sometimes switched me, either due to cost or whatever. What's the difference? Maybe none?

Thanks again... WoodRunner

Woodrunner, I just posted about this drug in the arthritis section. My father has just had this added to his medications. He has been on Prednisone for about 10 years and his bones and immune system have been destroyed. He will be 80 this July. A few years ago his rheumatologist put him on Methotrexate to wean him off the far he's still on that and now the new one. I don't like the sounds of this and I've been trying to figure out why he was put on this drug to begin with. He's never mentioned anything about "Addison's Disease", but in my research on the net, I have discovered his multitude of symptoms sure fit this prognosis. I'm curious, too, as to the effect of this drug on his bones.

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