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Just out of curiosity....I was 19 and had just suffered a miscarriage when I was diagnosed with Addison's. I had gained an enormous amount of weight with no reason. But all of the sudden I lost all of plus some and ended up at teh weight of 107 pounds and vomitting blood and severe abdominal pains. It took 17 days in the hospital before they ran the blood test. My cortisol levels were undetectable. I was immediatley rushed to ICU and stayed there for 13 days before I was sent home. No explaination of what Addison's was, only take these pills or you could die. I became pregnant again and carried her to term. But the pregnancy was terrible. I was in and out of the hospital,lost her twin, almost lost my life, constantly dehydrated. Still no one told me that pregnancy complicates Addisons and vice versa. I suffered thru 13 pregnancies and have 3 beautiful children, but almost died with each of them. The last pregnancy I was in California and went thru Stanford. Finally I was told everything I ever wanted to know and then some. My doctor told me if I wanted to raise the children I had this should be my last pregnancy. Three days later I went into a Crisis and flatlined. Thank God for the ID bracelet I wear and the wonderful Paramedics and Doctors at Santa Clara Valley Medical in San Jose. They kept me and my child alive . It was the worst of my pregnancies, but such a little blessing he was worth every ounce of pain I went thru. But if I had known what was going on then I dont think I would have played with my life so much. Has anyone had similar situations?? If so please let me know. Also does anyone know where I can find anything on the corolation of Addison's and Hodgkins Disease? Thanks

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