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After I posted my message (see below) last night on the thyroid board I got to surfing the net & discovered Addison's Disease when I was trying to find out why my skin is changing. Does it sound as if I may have this disease? I am having another cortisol test done tomorrow. I would appreciate any info.

As I read through everyone's messages I see I am not alone. The doctors are making me feel as if I am imaging my symptoms also. As I had stated in my last message; I wasn't getting anywhere with my internal medicine dr; he stated I had a goiter, couldn't figure out what was wrong & stated my lab results were normal. I finally got a second opinion & saw my eye dr they stated I had graves disease. The 2nd opinion had me see an endo dr on 7/24 at that time she had me go & have lab tests & said she was for sure I was in the 1st stages of Graves Disease.
I saw the endo dr again today for a follow up & look over my lab tests. She states that they are all normal but the cortisol test. She said she couldn't do anything at this time for me unless the 2nd (morning)test came back abnormal. I am to have my thyroid checked every 4 months & have my eye dr keep a close eye on my eyes. She measured my eyes on 7/24 & stated the left eye was 20 (cm from face??) & the right was 18. What ever that means! She also stated that I didn't have a goiter like the last dr stated that it was lymph nodes swollen in my neck.
So now I am still having all my symptoms & still no diagnois! Hot flashes, fever, tremors, eat like a horse and losing weight, headaches, dizziness, blurried vision, pigment changes;brown spots on arms, hands & face, sleeplessness, bad acne, very dry skin, diahrea, palpitations, black outs & unable to take antihistimines or allergy meds due to heart racing, severe dizziness, rashes & really bad tremors.
I obtained my last 3 tests today. I hope someone can give me an idea of what I should do. I go back in for the cortisol morning test this Thursday & I go back to the dr that gave me a second opinion next week. I'm wondering if she will have a 2nd endo opinion.
March 2002 results: T3UP - 35.1, T4 - 7.6, FTI (T7) - 2.7, TSH - 0.9
June 2002 results: TSH - 0.5, free T4 - 1.15, antibody negative (normal = Neg 1:40), They also ran the following test which I do not understand: sedimentation rate - 4, RA test - negative, FSH postmenopausal 7.5, Estradiol - 50
July 2002 results: TSH - 0.590, Free T4 - 0.96, Glucose (an hour after eating lunch?!?) - 70, DHEA - 143, progesterone - 60, coritsol (afternoon) - 5.9, androstenedione (antibody?) - 68, Thyrotropin receptor Ab - 5.

I would appreciate any imput!!

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