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Looking for someone my own age, 56, or close to it who is familiar with Adrenal Insufficiency which is a "mild" (tho debilitating) form of Addision's Disease. Just wanting to correspond with another in similar circumstances. Please write [removed].com. Thanks

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Hi Cazz, my sister has the same thing you do but does not have access to the internet at this time. She is 52. I am wondering if you have had problems retaining Corizol? She is taking very high doses twice a day but her level stays so low that it shows up as only a trace in her blood and urine tests! She is NOT retaining it! Tuesday the doctor is going to start giving her injections to see if she retains it that way! She is so tired when the Cortizol levels drops that she can not function. Please let me know if you know anything that might keep her from retaining it! Thanks for any help you can give.
Hi, One Cent:

I am not familiar with your sister's problem of retention. However, I can tell you that I am on very low dosage (very low) of hydrocortisone with the result that it helps but does not "cure" the whole problem which is similar to your sister's condition. But, my health practiontioner is different from your sister's. I can tell you that I take CoEnzyme Q 10 (100 mgs a day) to help with the tiredness that your sis is suffering from. I also take an active form of Vit B 6 = P5P/Pak (50 to 100 mgs a day) is the designation. This helps with the tired condition considerably. These can be obtained at a supplement/health food store. Your sis's medical doc may not know about these natural supplements that can help her energy level. Since I am not promoting any particular brand here I don't think this violates the board rules to give you this information. I also take Panthoic Acid supplement to help the exhausted adrenal condition. I hope this helps your sis!! Please let me know.....CAZZ

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