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hi, my name is deby. i am 40yrs old with multiple diagnoses, med.s and problems that have progressively gotten worsto the point of er visits 8 in one year for what i and my family calls attacks. i have severe fibro. hyatalhernia, am menopaual due to a full hysterectomy 3yrs ago, osteoarthritis of the spine, anxiety attacks, depression, copd, tension headaches, lupus, low blood press. that drops lower, cronic fatigue, problems with infecions in kidneys severe to the point of a permant preventive antibiotic, low platlets anemic, low hemoglobins, sleep deprovation, severe on going back pains, numbness hands and feet with no tolerance for hot or cold and no appetite. blrr vision and eyes that aged 8yrs. in one year. i have on going muscle weakness, pain, swelling t times and aches from head to toe. ive been having what we call attacks: always happens in the mornigs have back pain, naseau, weak, shake, blood prssure drops that i cannot sit or stand up,sweats, chills, cant talk right and keep passing out sleeping all through day and night. this used to happen 1-2 days, 3-4 times a year. the past 2yrs now its 8-9 times and 6 days to 2 weeks i sleep like this with all these symptoms, using alot of salt to balance me back up. i feel as if it might be the last day each time, my heart bearly beats, its so slow and i have a scarry sinking feeling. i have seen dr.s from a-z, and 1 week ago started with a nephrologist. hes done 24 hr urine 2 times, echo gram and renal doppler study last week. can anyone give me some input on any of this. i havent gotten the results yet, but does this even sound like addisons? please help!!!

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