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Hi Dawn-

Oh yeah- I've been there, all the scopes, all the scans, all the tubes. I was being fed via IV before they could figure out what was wrong. My primary symptom was vomiting. Anything that I put in my stomach came up- and then some. I had dry heaves constantly- so severe that I would gag until I threw up bile. Sorry for being graphic. I lost 65 pounds in about 3 months. To give you an idea how unfamiliar this illness really is- the endo Drs. didn't want to give me cortisol because they said that a lack of cortisol couldn't cause the symptoms I had. They have now told me that they "learned something new". Don't I feel lucky. My primary care Dr. was the one that insisted finally that they try because I was virtually dead- they were expecting my kidneys to fail and my body was already filling with fluid because the cells could not retain fluid anylonger. Something about low levels of protein. I even had a bone marrow test because my white cell count was whacky.

Just go in there and push, push, push. Have your husband go with you and push them also. You DO know what you're talking about. I had a twin pregnancy after my diagnosis and my OB/GYN kept telling me that the adrenal insufficiency would have no effect- WRONG. Got desperately ill again- and was on a home IV unit for fluids until about 5 months- again due to vomiting.

For stress increases my endo told me this-
If you think you are sick or getting something- double it for a few days. If you KNOW you are sick or under severe stress- triple it. I keep it there for a few days and then usually alternate days bringing it down.

I don't understand why they are giving you such small doses? It is cortisone you take right, not prednisone?
Is this your endo? If you don't mind me asking are you located in a large city where they have a lot of medical facilities or even a hospital connected with a med. school? I remember too the endo dept. telling me that so often adrenal insufficiency has many "unrelated" symptoms.

I do work- mostly full time. I work for my family's business so I can be flexible if need be. I have an accounting degree. Have 3 kids and a great husband.
Don't hesitate to email me if you like. I am connected pretty much all day for work so I will get your message pretty quick. It's really no problem.

Thinking about you-Paulette

My story is the same as everyone's I've read.My drs.say I have Addisons and I have been on prednisone for going on ten years now;along with the same old pain med.Now i have osteoporosis as bad as an 80 yr. old woman.I now have these spots showing up on bone scans.I have been told it was cancer by one dr. and not by another.My blood presure does that dropping thing to.Severe headaches to the point I have to go to the E R and get a stadol inj.
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