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This is the first time I am posting here on this particular topic. I read the others and it got me thinking. Years ago I seen an endo and she did some tests and said I didnt have cushings disease ,but I had an enzyme defect of the adrenal glands (in the 17 keto steroids). I never knew what that meant. Havent seen an endo in many years. I am now 49 and dealing with a second major depression with anxiety attacks. I am dealing with it since being put on effexor and remeron and at night xanax. I am also going through menopause. I am also hypo and take meds for that . I almost lost my teaching job earling in 2002 because of panic and having to leave and was out a long time.Tried explaining it to the principal and he could have cared less. I stil have my job ,but a little less stressful . I am in special education and was with the severe and profound kids but now in resource. I take a aspirin each day because I had a blood clot a couple of years ago.Told never to take hormone replacement yet my regular doctor says i need estrogen. Anyway I am wondering if I need to see an endo again and see what all might be going on. I tested negative for arthritis conditions,but always have a high c reactive proteiin. Any info would be greatly appreciated. thankyou susanp

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