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Well, you found someone!! I had one pregnancy before my diagnosis and 1 after. After my diagnosis I my cycle had pretty much completely shutdown so I wasn't able to even get pregnant without some "help". Pergonal and Metrodin injections... and then pregnant with twins!! I also had to have extended HCG injection every 5 days for about 3 months to help my body maintain the pregnancy. But... I think all of that had more to due with the shutdown of my cycle as opposed to the adrenal insufficiency itself. The Drs. don't really know. I did have to double up on meds for most of the pregnancy too. I was terribly sick to my stomach and could not keep anything down. Even had a home IV unit with a catheter in my arm so they could be sure I was getting fluids. By 6 months I was essentially normal again (except for the doubled cortisone). It was a little scary but my boys are great and very healthy. Just make sure ALL of your doctors are aware of the problem and if they are uncertain of what adrenal insufficiency can do to your system- push them to consult with an endo. My ob/gyn didn't think that doubled meds were necessary and once the vomiting cycle started it took us months to get it under control. I don't think it would have been that bad if he had me up the meds earlier. Good Luck to you and congratulations!

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