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I go see my endocrinologist tomorrow for Addisons testing. I've been suffering with symptoms since June of last year - mostly digestive - that have progressively gotten worse. After reading several posts here, I'm having hope that the tests will be positive and I can get on medication and back to living the good life that I once knew. I too have palpitations, and increasing anxiety and depression at times. Mostly what I thought was because I've been so ill with no diagnosis. But apparently it's also a side-effect of the disease? At times I don't even feel like I'm in the right body. Like any minute I'm gonna lose my mind cos I feel so awful. I've NEVER felt like this before - just completely overwhelmed. I used to live such an adventurous life. But now I feel vulnerable and fearful of such little things. Anyway I'm prayin like nobody's business that I get some answers. I'm so exhausted from dealing with these symptoms 24/7.

Regarding symptoms as well, does anyone else have very dry skin from this disease? I've got dry, flaky patches all over my face. I read that cortisol in the body stimulates oil glands, so it would be my understanding that if there is limited cortisol, that skin might be dry. Just a thought.

Anyway good luck to everyone in their recovery.

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