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Hi, I believe that your digestive problems could be a result of cortisol insufficiency, although you may not have all out Addisons. That could be dangerous if you have surgery and they don't know you have this problem. I have mentioned this in other posts that blood and urine do not always show low cortisol. A saliva test taken 4 times throughout the day is inexpensive and will give you a better picture of what is going on hormonally, although most endocrinologists don't use saliva tests. I suggest writing to [url=""][/url] Dr. Poesnecker is wonderful and you can order a saliva test through him. It is very important that you know your levels, plus your DHEA ratio in order to take the necessary steps before surgery to ensure you won't go into a crisis situation. This isn't meant to scare you, but it is urgent that you find out before the stress of surgery. Sincerely, Janis

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