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"Your adrenals are OK--when you first got sick I gave you a shot of cortisone to protect them." That must be one of the dumbest statements I've ever heard. This doctor THINKS she knows your adreals are alright BECAUSE she gave you a shot!! What a complete idiot!!

Unfortunately, low adrenal reserve is very difficult to diagnose without provocative tests. You can try getting a 24 hour urine collection test where they look at your total cortisol output. But that test is often inconclusive because adrenal output is so variable even in normal people. When you have normal thyroid and low adrenals you get symptoms of both hypo and hyper thyroid like (anxiety, weight gain, palpitations, dry skin, dry mouth, low blood sugar (which can make you feel light headed) and fatigue. You didn't mention fatigue, weight gain or dry skin and combined with normal blood pressure, it makes me doubt you have adrenal problems. But where hormones are involved many weird symptom combinations are possible.

Oh yeah, if it turns out you have addisons, it's usually not that big a deal (famous last words). Just another few pills to pop every day.

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