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Addisons testing
Feb 11, 2003
Is there any one test for Addisons that is more accurate than another? I'm reading here about how it can be checked through blood, saliva, and urine. Also, do the cortisone supplements produce any side effects like that of Prednisone? Or is that just totally different?


I think the saliva test is definitely more accurate than the blood or urine in determining slight adrenal insufficiency. The other tests won't show the fluctuations in circadian rhythm that corisol produces at different times of the day. To answer your other question, Cortef or hydrocortisone is not as strong as prednisone, and it is a natural hormone where prednisone is synthetic. Depending on your levels, physiologic (not pharmacologic) doses of cortisol can be administered safely, although it is difficult to find a doctor who will work with you. Cortisol has a bad rap, but for those who need it it is lifesaving. The book "The Safe Uses of Cortisol" will give you knowledge on how it can be used safely without damaging the adrenal glands any further. Good luck! Janis Rafael
great answer janis - I have no side effects at all from cortisol or my adrenal glandulars. I use to get really bad raging and could not sleep with prednisone. the saliva testing IS the most accurate test available, I agree.

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