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A couple of you have mentioned "stage 2 or stage 3" adrenal fatigue. How is that diagnosed? All I've come across is Addison's. How do you get diagnosed as having those stages of adrenal fatigue? What type of doctors diagnosed these? Were there tests to indictate this diagnosis, or were the doctors going on symptoms alone? Thanks very much! ~ :wave: Tracy
I too have heart's very scary. I'm still waiting for a doctor to actually acknowledge that it's happening. It's strongest when I lay down. It even wakes me up from sleeping (sometimes I think it might be sleep apnea). Some days I probably have 50 of them. They all started AFTER I started taking thyroid meds. The longer I take the meds the worse it gets. I've actually stopped my thyroid meds because they were so strong. I've assumed it was low adrenal function...are all of you saying this isn't the case? Also...I would also like to know the difference between "stage 2 or stage 3" adrenal fatigue.

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