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Hey All!!

I am taking Prednisone for my Addison's Disease and it's not working yet. I am taking 10mg a day and I'm starting to look like a blowfish! I have a bit of that hideous "moon face" and bloating caused by the Prednisone. I am assuming I need to up my dose because I am still so tired and spaced out, but I don't want to have that side effects that come with the increase in meds.

I've read that many of you are taking natural cortisol and adrenal glandulars. Any suggestions on what to take exactly?? I am going to see an endo at the end of July(long wait to see these endos, don't ya think?) And so my neuro, who ended up diagnosing me, says he'll help with the naturals.

Any suggestions will be a great help. I need to start feeling like the old me again!!

thank you

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