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Have been diagnosed with Adreanal insufficiency due to prednisone use for asthma. Primary dr wants me on prednisone and endro dr wants me off prednisone. Don't you need to be on medicine for this? Am tired all the time and crave salt. Isn't that bad? Any advise, hints are appreciated. Thanks.
Hi tired:

The Dr. may want you to try going off the prednisone to see if your adrenals will kick back in and function. I have AI but not due to steroid usage. Without the cortisone supplement I would not make it too far. Sometime though if it has been brought on by steroid use then by slowly weaning off there is a chance that they can function again on there own.
So... Tired_me... What's the status lately? I agree with PVS concerning stoping the Prednisone just to see how your adrenal respond. Woodrunner
Been going off prednisone - tried before but have to go back on. Still very tired. Have a dr appt this week - will have to see what they say.

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