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simart1 - I have been very successfully treated for adrenal insufficiency for the last 5 years by an MD who uses both traditional and alternative modalities to treat the adrenal and support the whole body. He ran both the blood and saliva tests before prescribing anything to me. I currently take natural cortisol, DHEA and adrenal glandulars daily to support my adrenals. I get tested periodically to make sure the dose is correct.

They don't permit giving out emails on this board - if you have specific questions about how I've been treated naturally I'd be more than happy to answer them here. Not everyone likes the natural approach but it's been one that's worked great for me. The drug side effects were too much to handle.

Treating naturally doesn't mean it's a quack treatment any more than prescribing drugs makes it the right treatment. Finding the right physician is key either route you decide to take.

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