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Hi. I've been on prednisone for 9 weeks not (5mcg) and it is making me crazy. Diagnosed w/secondary a. i.- want to get off pred. - interested in hearng more about the natural alternatives but don't think my endo is aware of them. Been seeing acupuncturist - an a million herbs. Is the doctor who prescribed your alternatives an endo? Many thanks for any guidance.
[quote]Originally posted by cathyk:
[b]Hi - I am on adrenal glandulars and natural cortisol for my adrenal insufficiency and I love them both. I personally will never go on prednisone/cortisones ever again. They've helped with sleep disorders and chronic pain.[/b][/quote]

Glad to hear there are alternatives to prednisone - yes?? Been on for 9 wks. and going crazy w/water retention/weight gain - and only on 5mcg/daily. Any advice? But don't think endo knows alternatives.

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