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hi aly - I've been taking natural cortisol 20 mg daily (before noon), 25 mg DHEA, natural progesterone cream and 4-6 Adrene Forte caps daily. All were prescribed by my physician who is an MD. He practices mostly alternative but also traditional modalities - he based giving me the above on test results. The adrenal hormone test was the Adrenal Stress Index test, which is a saliva test measuring these hormones throughout the day. My cortisol levels were extremely low - the only time they were elevated was at 2 am - then I wanted to get up and start my day, then crash by 5 am.

I took prednisone a number of times in the past for asthmatic conditions - it's a double-edge sword - it got me breathing again, but the major side effect was RAGE and high anxiety. I feel it's OK for very short-term but is never a long-term solution - the numerous side effects are so devastating.

I'm real happy with the program I'm on.

Being in LA you should have access to a number of physicians who practice the way my MD does. Many times you can check out their websites and talk with other patients who have had success with them.

I hope this helps!

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