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[quote]Originally posted by ilikesleep:
[b] My 24-hour urine cortisol level was 7 ug/dL. There was no reference range listed. The blood level was 15 ug/dL and reference range was 8-19. [/b][/quote]

Well, the blood level tells you on that day at that moment your adrenal glands appear to be working normally. What it doesn't tell you is how stressed you were. Under stress the adrenal glands can triple output to well over 50. So if you were stressed, 15 is a pretty poor showing, if you were totally relaxed then 15 is good.

On the other hand the urine reading of 7 is very low compared to the normal reference range of 20-90. Notice the big range allowed, again reflecting stress levels in different people. If I was your doctor I would have repeated both test to be sure the reading made sense. Most likely they would both come back substantially different, because cortisol has a huge variation. If your urine test came back low again, then I would test further. The blood test is really meaningless because cortisol levels vary so much minute to minute.

If you complained of fatigue, I would first test your thyroid, blood sugar and the standard blood tests for infection, anemia and cell counts etc. If those came back ok, I would check things like testosterone, take a history of the fatigue, limes disease etc. The last thing I would check is adrenal function because it's so hard to figure out. Why did you get a cortisol test in the first place? Have you had the other tests?

Given the urine reading, I would repeat that test and if it still came back low, then I would push for a provocative test to rule out adrenal problems.

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