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I had no idea that you would drop dead if you weren't taking some sort of cortisone. I've been mysteriously ill for 10 years and just recently found out my adrenals don't work so well. They don't produce enough cortisol and I just found out today that I barely make DHEA (a hormone that your adrenals produce). We're still waiting for the Pregnelone results. My doctor doesn't want me taking Prednisone, personally, I don't want to either. It didn't help me at all, I felt my body responding negatively to the Pred and hydrocortisone. So she has me on adrenal glandulars, siberian ginseng, and now I'll be taking DHEA.

Could I possibly not have Addison's disease and still have adrenal insufficiency. I have so many symptoms related to the problem.

Thank you,

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