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Please help my dad
Aug 28, 2003
Below is the case history of my father. Seems to have alot of similarities to Addisons disease but has no discolorisation plus results of tests are normal.
Does any of this sound familiar to fellow sufferers?. Any suggestions? The latest pattern he is seeing is that when he passes alot of urine in excess of 4 litres in 24 hours is when he feels the worst. Has also experienced swollen ankles and fluctuation BP where it is 200+ while lying down. Still drops to approx half when standing up. The high blood pressure is accompanied by headaches behind the eyes.


Previous Operations etc.

T.B. in 1960 re-section on lung
1985 back operation - lumbar 5
1995 Thyroid op. non malignant cyst
2001 Prostate gland operation

Sometime about the year 2000 developed distortion in eye-sight, mainly after exercise – walking up hills or stairs – put it down to B.P. being on the low side. In April 2002 developed a bad back with pain and numbness in left leg and into foot. Got a CAT-SCAN revealed prolapse disc and a bulging disc . Appointment on 24th Sept. 2002 with Neuro –Surgeon . He did previous operation in 1985. He looked at cat-scan and said an operation was not necessary at this time. He arranged a further appointment in 6 weeks. Attended physio privately, got manipulation and acupuncture. Unable to raise heel off floor on left foot. Physio advised exercise for muscles in legs using rubber band – bicycle – walking. Had pins and needles mostly in right leg and general weakness in both. 5th Nov.2002 attended Neuro surgeon again and as at this time muscle twitching had developed in the calf muscle of the right leg and hands were shaking, he advised him to see a neurologist. own G.P. arranged an appointment with a neurologist on 28th Nov.2002 as he thought it may be Motor Neurone. Neurologist ruled this out after examination and told him there was no quick fix and also that he was arranging a special muscle test for him at the Royal.
During all this time B.P. very low and he was referred to cardiologist in Coleraine Hospital who did an E.C.G. and couldn’t find any reason for this. A 24hr. B.P. monitor was done also.
On 14th Feb 2003 having difficulty passing urine abdomen swollen seen a doctor in Health Centre who said he was constipated. Went back to own GP on 17th Feb and he used cathether to remove 2.5 litres urine. He contacted uriologist at Coleraine Hospital who advised him to put a permanent cathether in for 6 weeks.

27th Feb.2003 Collapsed in the morning His B.P. was 70/40. Collapsed the next morning again, went into G.P. and requested he be admitted to hospital. He wa admitted on 28th Feb to Coleraine Hospital. During his stay in Coleraine he got another E.C.G., Tilt table test, adrenlin gland test, echo test, barium throat swallow. Neurologist saw him during time in Coleraine. Discharged from Coleraine on 15th March.

21st March 2003 got the appointment for the muscle test at Royal Hosp. in the Special Investigation Unit. E.M.G and nerve conduction test. His condition had deteriotated so much since neurologist had seen him – appealed to his secretary to come and see him, which he did , and this resulted in him being admitted to the hospital on this day. During his stay in the Royal he got a cat scan on low back, Brain M.R.I. Low back M.R.I., stomach X-ray, lumbar puncture, lung capacity test 24hr heart monitor and various blood tests. Tests for Parkinsons, M.S. and Motor Neurone proved negative. Discharged on 16th April.

Monday 12th May admitted to Coleraine hospital for bladder check and shown how to self-catherise. Had an appointment at City Hosp at M.B. Centre on 14th May. Had tests done on heart and blood vessels by a Queens professor. Returned to Coleraine Hospital and discharged on Thursday 15th May. Since then have had constant urinary infections, so as self-catherising had become very difficult because unable to stand long enough to do it, went back to permanent cathether.

Pins and needles both legs, Muscle twitching visible in legs, hips arms hands and shoulder blade. Creeping feeling under the skin, Burning sensation up the back, Unreal feeling. Can’t stand any longer than 30 seconds in one spot or B.P. drops dramatically . It has been recorded as low as 55/35. vision goes distorted and if don’t sit down would collapse.
To date there has been no diagnosis as such, other than Postural Hypotension which is caused by Autonomic Nervous Dysfunction, so therefore the only thing that can be done is to try and treat the symptoms. On being discharged from Coleraine Hospital on 15th March was given FLUDROCORTISONE-FLORINEF TABS 0.1 MG – 2 per day to help raise the BP also EPHEDRINE 15mg – 3 per day. Since then BP fluctuating - as high as 200/? and as low as 55/30. Decided to cut the tablets down to 1 of each per day, but on a recent appointment with cardiologist on 9th July he suggested he go off them completely. On 14th July collapsed again , so decided to go back on 1 tablet of each again. Since then, feeling slightly better some days.Still not able to walk any further than 50 yards. The symptoms come and go, they have no pattern , nor are they experienced all at the same time.

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